Help, the spooler got stuck! What do I do now?

bee_rollafioccoIf the reel gets stuck and there is no way to wind it, do not insist on caulking. The advice to prevent this is to never perform this maneuver on a winch and, if of course the size of the boat is small, always rewind it by hand. Another important trick to avoid snags is to furl the genoa while always keeping the sheets not locked, but under tension (without exaggerating so as not to generate twists on the forestay, which could ruin the profile of the furler).
A good procedure for furling the jib is to lay to slack to reduce the apparent wind, let the sheet spin, and hand retake the top of the furler. If you need it, you can ask a crew member to move to the bow to help the sail. If you have to necessarily use the winch, pay close attention.

What to do when jamming the line in the drum

When the furler jib gets stuck, it is a good idea to check that the line has not become stuck in the drum, a frequent phenomenon when, with the jib unfurled, the furler line does not lock or when the first turn of the line is misoriented. With little wind, to solve the problem, you can spin the furler by hand without a line by holding your hands at chest height and the sail very loose; this will allow you to find the spot where the line has become fouled. This maneuver should be carried out at the carriers with a loose sail. If, on the other hand, the wind is sustained, the advice is to lower the genoa and put everything back in order.

furlingWhat to do if the problem is at the head of the winder
On the other hand, if the problem is at the top, at the attachment of the furler head with the mast, there may be the halyard of the spi stuck, blocking the furling of the jib. Another cause could be the genoa halyard itself: if it is too loose, it prevents the top end from rotating. If the problem occurs often check that the angle between the furler and the halyard is no more than 10°.



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