Goodbye fiberglass. How composite works that recycles and doesn’t pollute

Did you know that fiberglass cannot be recycled and therefore cannot be disposed of, causing great harm to the environment. A huge problem that can now be solved thanks to start-up Northern Light Composites (click here).

At Milano Yachting Week – The virtual Boat Show exclusively find the ingenious solution that the three founders Fabio Bignolini, Andrea Paduano and Piernicola Paoletti came up with (and it works!) and they tell you how it came about and how it works in the video interview in their booth.

What have these “inventors” accomplished? Northern Light Composites has invented a product and process that retires the polluting common fiberglass.

Goodbye polluting and non-recyclable fiberglass

This is a composite material with plant-derived fibers, which reduce environmental impact at the origin because they require very little energy expenditure to make, as they come in fibers that are already long and aligned in nature. It is combined with a resin, Elium, which can be recycled, allowing the composite to be given a new life at the end of its life.

There are videos demonstrating its effectiveness

Find out in the Northern Light Composites booth through the unequivocal videos that their material is absolutely recyclable, reduces the risks to people to almost zero while building a boat.

The solution to boat disposal

We should all care about this revolutionary innovation if we care about the environment and because it provides a solution to what is a huge problem today: how do we dispose of boats at the end of their life?

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And if you want to know how Northern Light’s composite works from the viva voce of one of its creators, Andrea Paduano, enjoy the interview here

Northern Light Composites is available to tell you more about this innovative product and their boats built with this method, just click the send email button, it goes directly to them.



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