GOOD CHRISTMAS FROM THE OCEAN A drawing by Gaetano Mura grappling with the gale

Gaetano Mura and Italia also begin their Christmas celebrations, in the midst of a record-chasing solo world tour with a Class40, struggling with a violent depression, the harshest since the start, which will not give them much time to celebrate, rest, or take video footage. In the meantime, Gaetano is receiving lots of congratulatory messages and videos from his friends and fans who are following his venture.

The Christmas tree is designed directly by him on the walls of Italy, and there is no shortage of presents to unwrap.
They were prepared in good time by his family before he left, a bag with many surprise packages packed by his wife Carla, children Alessio and Marta, sisters Lucia and Sara, mother Silvana and father Salvatore. “I don’t know yet what my Christmas lunch will be like, it will definitely be a surprise that I look forward to discovering,” explains Gaetano who has no doubts for the toast “we are expecting a bottle of Capichera, a vermentino from Gallura, in Northern Sardinia, which is part of the 7 bottles I have boarded: one for each Capo and for the most important holidays.”

The sailor has prepared everything, no shortage of typical products from his island in the galley to sweeten the nostalgia, but “I don’t know how I will be able to celebrate. The dancing has already started this morning (Dec. 22, ed.), under Christmas it will be hard, a very strong depression awaits us, the strongest since the start. The first in a chain that will accompany us all the way to Cape Horn.

“But we put the little letter to Santa Claus to him anyway. We hope that in addition to reindeer, he is also equipped with kitesurfing to get down here quickly. We hope to be the closest to Cape Leeuwin in Australia. Italy and I take this opportunity to wish everyone well, to my onshore Team 1OFF who organized my Solo Round the Globe Record, to all the contributors, to all those who follow us with affection, to friends, to enemies (to enemies double good wishes because if they are quiet they are less dangerous) and to the whole world.”

The official website with tracking to follow the route of Italy:




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