Goddess of the Seas, vacations without surprises between Tuscany and Corsica

Sea Goddess

How to find the right boat? With our choice of safe and reliable charter operators, we help you to find the perfect cruise sailing for the summer!

Goddess of the Seas, to navigate in total safety

Established in 2006 and grown over the years, Dea dei Mari is a charter company that offers attractive boat vacation solutions between the Tuscan Archipelago, Corsica, Sardinia and the Ligurian Sea. “As always,” tell Ivo Chiodi and Valter Tono of Goddess of the Seas, “we offer boaters boats that are always reliable and perfectly maintained, to sail in total safety, as well as maniacally clean and sanitized.

Although that this year people are showing more calm in relation to the pandemic. Still talking about this summer season, bookings started late, but inquiries ahead of the summer are taking off. Although, on the other hand, for weekends we had been at full capacity for some time. In short, the feeling is that the desire to leave is there, but still some concerns remain related to the situation in Ukraine.”

Goddess of the Seas
– Assistance and expertise assured

What itineraries do you recommend to your guests? “Cruises from our bases, which remain the historic ones of Marina del Fezzano and Cala de’ Medici, can go to the most beautiful destinations in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Certainly from Tuscany, it is easier to route to the nearby islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, starting with Elba. There is no shortage of those who choose to set course for Corsica, which for those with some boating experience is a destination that is not too complicated.

And we have in fact always worked with repeaters as well as with several sailing schools for whom we host courses in all seasons. Returning to tourism, we also want to emphasize that we are experienced operators and are perfectly organized to provide all kinds of assistance to our customers, in case of problems even while sailing.”

An idea of the rates for the summer? “As always our prices are very attractive compared to the market average being on average 20 percent lower. This is because the boats that are part of our fleet are not new-they are, however, all perfectly maintained and refitted boats in every detail, ensuring safe vacations for all.

To give an example, in very high season in August we can offer a 40-foot sailboat with 4 cabins from 4,000 euros per week, while for the same boat the cost drops in July to as low as 3,300 euros.”

Goddess of the Seas – Useful Info

Phone: 327 1710988

Website: www.deadeimari.it

Bases: Marina del Fezzano and Marina Cala de’ Medici





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