GALLERY At sea in Porto Cervo is the GDP of a state!

Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup 2016
Let’s do a quick split-second calculation:
Jean-Charles Decaux’s family wealth is estimated at about $6.5 billion, Lindsay Owen-Jones has assets of about $0.6 billion, Sir Peter Ogden $0.5, as does Ronald De Waal. Eight billion dollars: more than twice the national GDP of the Central African Republic (3.35 billion, we deliberately chose one of the poorest states in the world). All these gentlemen are owners whose superboats are taking part in the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup in Porto Cervo (Decaux/J-One, Owen-Jones/Magic Carpet Cubed, Ogden/Jethou, De Waal/Velsheda, which is particularly crowded this year. In Costa Smeralda the international economic “creme” gathered. And those we have mentioned to you only less than one-tenth of the shipowners present at the regatta: think how much money all together!

But the tycoons do not gather in Porto Cervo to talk business: once the starting signal is given, they turn into pure sailors, ready to challenge each other at the last tack. Wally (so many this year, 17), Southern Wind, J-Class, Maxi 72 (including Robertissima III by 2015 Sailor of the Year Roberto Tomasini Grinover), Mini Maxi and Super Maxi. There is something to feast your eyes on in the photo gallery below….




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