From 70 to 270 thousand euros: I’ll buy it new! FIRST PART.

It’s back to the boat! So why not start thinking about giving ourselves a dream again? Ore-entering the world of new production boats, for those who intend to buy, is undoubtedly a fascinating “game” but it is not always easy to have clear ideas. In the editorial staff, we asked ourselves a question: if today a hypothetical potential owner had a budget, 70 to 270,000 euros, which would then translate roughly from 30 to 45 feet, what boat could he or she buy?

The price range is not random; it is what we might call “average” for potential buyers of a new boat. Out of this reflection came a market analysis , the first of 4 POINTS of which we offer here, aimed at “unearthing” some of the best-known models currently in production among major boatyards. A sort of mini “book” of the new that you may need in preparation for the upcoming boat show season or simply to get an idea of what new boats are out there, at what price and with what features. As you will read in the next few pages, they range from small cruising boats to long sailing boats, through sporty models for use in both racing and cruising. For each we give you the latest known list prices, these are the starting cost, without accessories or extra optionals compared to the standard version of the boat, excluding VAT and transportation. Of the prices however indicative if we intend to consider its purchase.

What about second-hand? We have thought about that as well, in fact in the next installments in addition to the new we will publish a focus centered always on the same price range, with a series of “suggestions” of models that have recently gone out of production and are on the market at bargain prices and in condition often not far from new.

A useful read not only for buying but also for getting a general overview of the sailboat market. The full version of this report can be found in the June issue of the Journal of Sailing print and digital edition.


The signature is by Finot/Conq and Nauta Design to maintain the family feeling with the “.1” range, and the size is one under 10 meters that has not been seen at Beneteau for several seasons. Tiller or two-wheel rudder, L-bulb, retractable or bayonet drift.

The interior height is an impressive 1.98 mt, truly rare on a boat of this size. Good cruiser sailing skills, especially in the square-top mainsail version.

Technical data: length f. t.: 9.53m; width: 2.99m; draught: 1.88m; displacement: 3,990kg; sup. vel. 45.90 sq m; Shipyard: Beneteau; Price: 69,400 E.


It is one of the models that made Bavaria “change face.” It is signed by Italy’s Cossutti Yacht Design and is the grittiest of the German shipyard’s new production boats. Excellent sailing performance thanks to modern water lines and careful weight balance. Full comfort in cruising.

Technical data: length f. t.: 13.98 m; width: 4.49 m; draught: 2.20 m; displacement: 11,935 kg; sup. vel 123.6 sq. m; shipyard: Bavaria.

price: 255,731


The Swedish shipyard’s new baby has modern water lines but which remain smooth, the big news being the double rudder blade and double wheel in the cockpit. A marine boat, but performing surprisingly well even in light winds. Excellent interior quality with no compromise on finish.

Technical data: length f. t.: 10.95 m; width: 3.47 m; draft: 1.90 m; displacement: 5,980 kg; sup. sail. 63.7 sq. m; shipyard: Hallberg Rassy; price: 189,698


Like all boats churned out by Structures, it has a double rudder blade, a very wide stern with an edge, and the option to have a lifting keel. Peculiar square deckhouse design to shelter the cockpit and with a special fenestration design. Ideal boat for sport cruising or offshore racing. Technical data: length f. t.: 10.86 m; width: 4.m; draught: 1.18-2.10 m; displacement: 3,800 kg; sup. vel. 74 sq. m; shipyard: Pogo Strucutures Shipyard; price: 133,000


A design signed Philippe Briand that marked Jeanneau’s recent production. An aesthetically evolved boat with clever deck solutions such as the deck down to the stern to avoid the step with the cockpit. Good sailing qualities in the performance version and overall design of the boat. Ideal for cruising. Technical data: f. t. length: 12.35 m; w.: 3.99 m; draught: 2.14 m; displacement: 8000 kg; sup. vel. 80.4 sq. m ; shipyard: Jeanneau;

price: 165,000



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