French spirit at VELAFestival: Centurion 57 Wauquiez and RM 8.90

velafestivalA great French shot in the arm, our transalpine cousins are increasingly the protagonists at Santa Margherita: in addition to Jeanneau, Beneteau and Lagoon at the VELAFestival , Wauquiez with the Centurion 57 and Fora Marine with the RM 890 are also arriving. Let’s take a closer look at what boats they are.

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Powerful, elegant, rugged, delivering race boat performance while offering maximum comfort while cruising, the Centurion 57stands as the epitome of Wauquieznexpertise in high-end boats for discerning sailors. The Centurion 57 is definitely a carefully built boat, comfortable and finished to the finest detail and offered at a reasonable price. In designing it, Berret and Racopeau were inspired by the old Pilot Saloon 55, giving the hull a “timeless” soul, with the heart of a true cruising boat, more versatile than pulled, with a warm interior designed for smooth sailing. A fast boat with an interesting and balanced sail plan: the 87 sq. m. mainsail is paired with a 65 sq. m. furling genoa. To enable the owner to enjoy even light airs, here is the presence of a 98-square-meter Code Zero. The winches are ergonomically positioned to be easily operated even by the helmsman. The interior provides three cabins, including the master cabin in the bow. The square properly uses the beam and is very bright thanks to the windows on the deckhouse.

RM 890
11280x960One look at the “ocean and one at ease of maneuvering in all conditions. These are the two tracks on which runs the philosophy of the new RM 890 from the French shipyard Fora Marine, which specializes in designing “racing” boats but with features that are also well suited to cruising.
Peculiarity of this monohull is to have the possibility to choose the keel in two different versions: mussel, with a shallower draft, which is ideal when the tidal range is large and leaves boats dry or single shell for maximum performance and recommended for those sailing in the Mediterranean. The RM 890 is also a boat that is notable for its shape reminiscent of the 60 Open and VOR monotypes that race around the world.
The French shipyard in La Rochelle, evidently rich in experience in designing ocean-going boats, has thought out the spaces, technical solutions and livability as a function of long periods on board in which it is also expected to sail in difficult weather conditions. There are so many positive elements that certainly a sailed skipper can appreciate; in addition, the boat sails well at all gaits, and the availability of different headsails always allows the right trim to be found depending on the weather conditions. The hull, designed by Marc Lombard, is constructed of marine plywood with epoxy, a guarantee of lightness, rigidity and strength.
Below deck there is 180-degree panoramic visibility ideal for sailing in bad weather conditions. The ease of use of the boat, even with a small crew, is ensured by several features including the width of the hull up to the stern, which makes the boat stable, reduces its heel and roll, and also allows for a lot of interior volume.




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