Events, adventures, boats, accessories (and gifts and discounts). It’s SAIL of May!

sailWhy get on board with us for the May issue of the Sailing Journal? For many good reasons. Read on, we are already revealing ten previews, starting with the detailed guide to the event that all fans are waiting for: the TAG Heuer VELAFestival. By the way, did you know that with the hard copy of this issue you are entitled to many benefits in St. Margaret’s? By presenting it at the VELAFestival info points, you will be given the VELAFestival Card, which gives access to discounts and concessions, and the TAG Heuer VELAFestival shouted cotton bag. . Then we tell you stories of unending passion, like that of Salvatore Mantaci, who quit his job for an Atlantic crossing (gone wrong) or of choices on the edge of legality, like that of the skipper who decided to become a drug trafficker. This and much, much more….

Screen shot 04-2457507 at 11:43:51 a.m.1. GUIDE TO THE GREAT FESTIVAL OF ITALIAN SAILING

Everything you need to know so you don’t miss anything at TAG Heuer VELAFestival, the great festival of Italian sailing, scheduled May 5-8 in Santa Margherita Ligure (Genoa). The events at sea and on land to spend four days of relaxation and fun with one lowest common denominator: sailing, declined in all its aspects. By the way: your copy of the magazine will be worth your VELAFestival Card. Discounts, offers, facilities…

Screen shot 04-2457507 at 11:44:51 a.m.2. SINKING!
We tell the story of Salvatore Mantaci, the mathematician who quit his job to embark on an Atlantic crossing from the Canary Islands to Martinique aboard a 34-foot CBS Serenity. The hopes, the courage to leave it all behind, the dramatic sinking: all accompanied by images but especially by the “brightly colored” drawings of Luca Tagliafico, a rising star of Italian illustration.

Screen shot 04-2457507 at 11:45:30 a.m.3. NARCOSKIPPER PROFESSION

Drug trafficking by sailboat, in the service of the Mafia or South American cartels, is now – unfortunately – an established reality. An easy business opportunity because there are few controls. We tell you about this strange and dangerous world through the direct testimony of a “narcoskipper.” It’s easy to get rich, but prison is around the corner, or even worse, you risk the lives of family members…

Screen shot 04-2457507 at 11:45:52 a.m.4. THE ROBOT THAT ADJUSTS SAILS
We previewed the Assisted Sail Trim, a real robot that can adjust sails and effectively replace the mainsail trimmer and tailer. A revolutionary system that for now is mounted exclusively on the new Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 519. If you are not planning to buy this boat for now solo sailing is best done with the good old autopilot. We explain how best to use it in a dedicated feature.

Screen shot 04-2457507 at 11:46:17 a.m.5. BOATS, BOATS, BOATS
This issue is full of evidence and previews. Beginning with the Vismara V50 Dragon, the 15-meter custom-built vessel, through the small Ikone 750, the jibless vessel designed for cruising. Then we reveal behind the scenes of the new Hallberg-Rassy 44 and tell you the secrets of Atalanta II, glorious maxi freshly refitted by Umberto Felci, ready to win it all.

Screen shot 04-2457507 at 11:46:53 a.m.6. IN SEARCH OF A GREECE AWAY FROM THE CROWD
Well yes, one can still venture into a hidden Greece, far from the tourist routes: we tell you about it thanks to the advice of a real “insider,” an experienced sailor who spends six months a year between the Sporades and Chalkidiki Greece. Postcard-perfect places for an unforgettable cruise.

Screen shot 04-2457507 at 11:47:42 a.m.7. ANTENNA 4G… AND YOU HAVE INTERNET 20 MILES OFF THE COAST
That’s right, you got it right. Away from the coast you can enjoy internet, as fast as at home, without using the expensive satellite. How is this possible? With 4G antennas, capable of receiving the signal far away from the coast. In this report we explain how they work, where it is best to mount them, and compare models on the market.

Screen shot 04-2457507 at 11:48:16 a.m.8. WOMEN IN BOATS WORK BETTER
We tell you the story of Liz Gillooly, a 25-year-old professional U.S. skipper. Liz became hooked five years ago and has traveled the world on a variety of sailboats. It tells how women sailors, on board, are “smarter” than their male counterparts. Let us know if you agree with her!

Screen shot 04-2457507 at 11:48:43 a.m.9. THE MYTH WAS BORN WITH A PHONE CALL

Ian Bruce, Canadian designer and builder, died at the end of March. Together with Bruce Kirby, he gave birth to the Laser, the world’s most widely used drift, thanks to a simple and ingenious insight

Screen shot 04-2457507 at 11:49:09 a.m.10. THE MAGIC RECIPE FOR A SUPER REGATTA
Why is Les Voiles de Saint Barth, year after year, increasingly confirmed as the queen of the Caribbean? This year, in its seventh edition, there were 60 boats at the start, including many hi-tech giants: thanks to a clever mix of ingredients that we tried to summarize…

Remember, there are also many other good reasons not to miss the new April issue of the Sailing Journal. On newsstands, on iPad, iPhone and all Android tablets and smartphones.



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