Eberspächer. Oil-fired heaters

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Eberspächer, a German multinational group, is among the largest suppliers of technology in the automotive sector: among its main products are the most advanced exhaust gas treatment systems-those that enable cars and trucks to reach the extremely stringent Euro 6 standards-and components dedicated to heating and air conditioning any type of vehicle. With about 9,000 employees spread across some 30 locations around the globe, it generated total sales of more than 4.3 billion euros in 2017. Among Eberspächer products dedicated to air conditioning, oil-fired heaters play the most important role. Established to provide heat aboard cars, trucks and commercial vehicles, they have since spread to tractors, work machines, motorhomes and even the sea without ever betraying their origins: the technology, innovation and spasmodic attention to quality peculiar to the automotive world, the result of extremely strict function and durability tests and perfectly controlled production processes. In the laboratories at Eberspächer’s headquarters in Esslingen, not far from Stuttgart, 81 benches subject the heaters to all kinds of tests for 276,000 hours a year, the equivalent of 11,500 days of continuous operation, while in production quality control allows Eberspächer to enter the list of suppliers with fewer than 50 defects per million units, the narrow elite of the “50 ppm.”

Hyd_D4SC_neutral Airtronic and Hydronic heaters are mass produced on highly automated lines, while installation is customized to the owner’s needs. The authorized installation center plays an important role in this phase: a network of professionals,able to install Eberspächer heaters on any vessel





Eberspaecher_Produktion_Esslingen_LuftheizungenAutomotive technology and reliability, then, but also perfect adaptation to the marine environment made possible by dedicated kits with stainless steel components, through-hulls and thermal insulation designed specifically for marine application.



Eberspaecher Ltd.
Via del Canneto, 45 25010 Borgosatollo BS
Phone: +39 030 250761
Fax: +39 030 2500307



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