Easter on a boat? Here are five bays just right for you!

easterAre you planning to spend an Easter on a boat? Here are five bays just right for relaxing away from the daily grind surrounded by unspoiled nature.


head-hunter-and-port-county1. Capo Caccia and Porto Conte in Sardinia
The most exciting spot on Sardinia’s west coast, with a stop at Neptune’s Cave, a karst phenomenon under the promontory. Inside are galleries and tunnels, “halls” and lakes. A protected marine area, Porto Conte is a true natural harbor about 3 miles long, where you can take refuge from the mistral. A transit corridor in the center of the roadstead. Two main moorings: Tramariglio Cove, west, anchorage on sand and seaweed bottom of about 3-5 meters or at the floating docks. On the opposite front, at the southern end of Cala Torre del Conte, is the Marina di Porto Conte, with about 250 berths.

biodola2. Gulf of Biodola and Viticcio on Elba Island.
We were there in January on a day with a light mistral and 20 degrees, and it was paradise. The Gulf of Biodola on Elba Island is an off-season anchorage that is definitely worthwhile if the weather is good. Crystal clear water, sandy bottom with 600 meters of fine sandy beach at your disposal. it is true, ashore is very built up, but the abundance of locals can come in handy for a little lunch on the beach while sunbathing. If you then have time, just a few minutes away, also drop by the wilder and rockier Viticcio bight, where you can enjoy, thanks to the exposure one of the most spectacular sunsets in the entire Mediterranean.

title_Ponza3. Chiaia di Luna and Cala Feola in Ponza.
Set course for the island of Ponza, when summer crowds are less than a memory. Drop anchor at Chiaia di Luna, Ponza’s most famous cove and beach, go ashore to walk through the 200-meter tunnel from Roman times. Then set course for Cala Feola on the western side, with the only entirely sandy beach and the natural pools of Fontone. Finally, nearby, hunt for the small turtle rock for its shape similar, indeed, to a turtle. After such a day you will return to the mainland happy to have seen the real Ponza. Beautiful.

CS_28_saleccia 34. Bay of Saleccia in northern Corsica.
A few miles from the delightful little port of Saint Florent, on the northwest coast of Corsica, the Bay of Saleccia, (42°44’N 09°12’E) cannot be missed. It feels like a tropical paradise, never too crowded because it is difficult to reach from land. The only problem is that it is not very sheltered and if you want to spend the night the weather has to be good. Unmissable.

le-isole-de-li-galli-15715. Li Galli Islands (Positano)
It is not a true anchorage, but being an island a shelter can always be found. On the other hand, it is one of the true Mediterranean paradises. The Li Galli archipelago (40°35’N 14°26’E) on the Sorrento peninsula, a few miles from Positano and Sorrento, is visited as follows: you give still close to the main island, Gallo Lungo, climb to the top of the island and wait for the sunset. Unique.



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