Dusseldorf Salon Previews/6: Lagoon 42 and Maxus 24 EVO. Two ways of thinking about cruising

Sixth day visiting the Dusseldorf show. Today we bring you a catamaran perfect for cruising sailors who enjoy the comforts of multihulls: the Lagoon 42 and a truly eye-catching Polish vessel, the Maxus 24 Evo.


Easysailing, functionality, brightness, space, comfort: all these come to mind in an instant when I arrive in front of the Lagoon booth and find myself looking down on the new 42-footer. A smart design designed primarily for families with children who choose cruising as a vacation and the boat as a home without compromise. Families whose plans are probably not to spend every week at Cape Horn, but to enjoy the sea in absolute relaxation.
In keeping with the French shipyard’s tradition, the hull design is by the VPLP studio, which has never hidden its penchant for performance boats under canvas.
However, the Lagoon 42 presents itself out of the water as a comfortable boat that is easy to carry even by one person. Signaling this care toward easysailing we find the self-tacking jib, and the referral of all maneuvers to the wheelhouse area from which the skipper can operate the autopilot and enjoy sailing from the top of the hard-top, a position from which there is a complete view of the entire boat. However, the shipyard has not only thought about facilitating sailing but also maneuvering in port by equipping the catamaran with two engines.
The aft cockpit is protected by the hard-top that will make you forget about problems with shade and is extremely spacious with huge storage spaces. Two davits are provided to put in the water and retrieve the tender, negating any strain.
The interior is accessed through a sliding door: the galley, chart table and sofas are on the same level as the cockpit. From this area you will have access to a 360-degree view of navigation while staying completely sheltered. To access the cabins and bathrooms, on the other hand, you will only need to take a few steps and “squeeze” into the hulls of the catamaran. The shipyard offers two versions of the interiors, with three or four cabins. The launch price is 350,400 euros including vat.
Lung. 12.8 m; larg. 7.7 m; fish. 1.25 m; displacement. 12,000 kg; cabins: 3/4. www.cata-lagoon.com


6_670a20baf0Polish shipyard Northman presents a real gem in Dusseldorf: the Maxus 24 Evo, a version with a revised look of the previous model, the Maxus 24. A small 7.35-meter hull ideal for short cruises but also for being transported anywhere by trolley, thanks to a low displacement of only 1,750 kilograms, a feature that also helps save on operating costs. The Maxus 24 has everything needed for a reasonably comfortable cruise for a small family. The trump card of this small boat are the choices of designer Jacek Daszkiewicz, who already had good ideas for making a small boat comfortable enough for a family that wants to enjoy the sea: and this new model confirms that. The Polish shipyard markedly improves the aesthetics of the boat, although the hull lines remain unchanged, the deck is more appealing thanks to a more aggressively designed deckhouse: the length, gains about 30 centimeters, the interior features more polished and modern finishes with woods and colors apt and the price remains low, starting at 33,919 euros. The cockpit has ergonomic lines and has correct spaces. What is special about the Maxus Evo 24 is that there will be a choice of four versions: with integral drift, retractable, fixed keel, or bichiglia. Other features of this vessel include tiller steering, outboard motor, furling jib, and gennaker with whip.
b_7632796273 The interior features two double beds, one in the bow and the other in the stern (190 cm long), plus a cozy dinette that can accommodate two more people to sleep. Lung. 7.35 m; wide. 2.55m; displacement. 1,750 kg; fish. Moving drift: 0.35/1.35 m; fish. fixed keel: 1.50 m; keel draft: 1.15 m; sail sup.sq.m.: 29 sq.m; berths: 6 (4 + 2).




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