Dusseldorf Day 3, the best from the German show: Elan GT5, X6, FL01, Allures 45.9

Day three of the German trade show, we continue our tour in search of the latest innovations to present to you and some curiosities that have intrigued us these days

Today we begin our review with the presentation of the newest addition from the Slovenian shipyard Elan: the GT 5 (where GT stands for Gran Turismo). We interviewed Luigi Coretti, sales manager of Adriaship, Elan’s importer for Italy. The GT5 is a 42-footer that Elan has launched into the Grand Touring sector: a boat that goes to put together a sporty hull (the hull is the same as the S5) with two rudder blades, edge and T-bulb with interiors and a deck that look more to the cruising world.

The version featured at the Dusseldorf show is a two-cabin one that originates with a bathroom with a large standard shower stall, but a three-cabin version with a second bathroom is also available. The galley is toward the bow to give the dinette more livability.
The design of the boat, semi-deck, is once again by Rob Humphreys, the construction is vinylester, the internal structure is infused along with the hull (infusion of the monolithic structure as well), the bulkheads are handkerchiefed on both hull and deck, a boat therefore very rigid.

On the deck, however, we find a very large and livable cockpit with two split tables that can join together for all people to eat in the cockpit, at the same time the table wing can become a comfortable sundeck. An outdoor galley equipped with a sink and barbecue is located in the stern. All deck equipment is Harken, the mast is Selden with full batten mainsail, the jib furler is from Furlex, and a self-tacking jib is also available. All maneuvers are deferred n the wheelhouse area to make the boat easy to take even with a small crew.


A perfect drift for those who dream of flying foils. TheFL01 comes from the Netherlands and promises to be easy to take even for less experienced sailors.

In the video below, it is precisely explained how to use the two Dss foils: with two simple tops per edge, they can be pushed out of the boat and lowered into the water or drawn back in.

Looking at it this way it all seems very simple! The shape of the hull, which is 4.25 meters long and 1.8 meters wide, allows for stable sailing even without foils. The boat, built of carbon and fiberglass for a total weight of 45 kg, is rigged with only the square top mainsail of a generous surface area that ensures great fun.

Only 6-8 knots of wind are needed to start flying foils.
The boat is priced around 7,000 euros excluding VAT. aeronamics.com.


The new flagship Performance Cruiser is the brainchild of Niels Jeppesen and his Design Office. The construction features of the Xp line were retained in the making of this 60-footer, with epoxy resin vacuum infusion and localized carbon reinforcements for increased rigidity and stability. The goal Jeppesen and X-Yachts have set themselves is to achieve a boat that, while having the same amenities offered by a 60-foot cruiser, is 15 to 20 percent lighter and, therefore, better performing.

The main feature of the X6 is the raised deckhouse, which not only creates a spacious and bright square (by virtue of the many openings) makes the transition from the square to the cockpit even smoother. Extensive customization on deck with the possibility of mounting bimini, helmsman seats and many other amenities. At the stern, an extended garage will allow accommodation for the tender (3.2-meter waterjet). The mainsail sheet will be able to work directly in the cockpit (by the way: you can decide whether to do it with “U” or “L” seats) or along an optional carbon bow for greater “cleanliness” and safety. The keel may be fitted with an “L” or “T” bulb.


Lifiting keel or integrated drift?

The new Allures 45.9, featuring aluminum construction, will allow you to choose the best solution for you.

We took a tour on board to discover the main features of this world premiere: from the atelier used as a work room aft to the dinghy that is totally integrated with the hull, from the huge calavela to the interior full of innovative solutions.




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