Discover the 40-foot custom-made. Secrets of the Nordship 40 DS

nordship 40 dsAt the Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show, exclusively, you can find out how the Danish masters of the Nordship craft boatyard are able to build a virtually custom-made boat, even one as small as 40 feet (about 12 meters).

You’ll want to explore the Danish shipyard’s booth to understand how Lars Buchwald and his team of highly skilled craftsmen work to make only high-quality handcrafted yachts. keeping intact the tradition, seaworthiness, and robustness that have made Nordship’s fortune since its inception in 1976.

Every Nordship boat is unique, only of those who own it

This mix of tradition and innovation is combined with rigorous craftsmanship; only 10 to 15 boats from 36 to 43 feet leave the yard, not one more. Only in this way can each Nordship boat be considered unique and follow the customer’s needs in internal arrangements.

Nordship 40 DS, maneuver it yourself and customize it as you wish

An example of renewing ourselves in tradition is offered to you by the new Nordship 40 DS (m. 12.20 x 3.95).

You’d better visit the boat docked at Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show now. You will discover how the shipyard’s craftsmen and Lars Buchwald have succeeded, for example, with the new Nordship 40 DS in making sure that the helmsman in the center cockpit has all the maneuvers at his fingertips.

Combined with adequate sail area, self-tacking jib and a gently balanced hull shape, it is easily maneuverable. Thanks in part to the lead bulb, the Nordship 40 DS is perfect for those who enjoy exciting sailing performance.

The interiors of the Nordship 40 DS are handcrafted by experienced craftsmen and can be customized to suit individual personal preferences: the layout, wood finishes, and style of furniture.

The Nordship 40 DS is certainly one of the Danish shipyard’s most successful models in recent years. Have a good visit by boat

If you want to know more contact the site with one click

Who this boat is for, how it is built, how it sails…just click HERE to find out in detail. And if you want to elaborate with a site manager or book a visit via email or whatsapp, you will find buttons in the booth to activate contact with a click.






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