Cruise smarter, how? With these 7 digital accessories!

digital boat

Valuable ever-ready allies in our pocket, which have also become indispensable on board. We are talking about smartphones, which are no longer just phones but also professional cameras, chartplotters, and weather stations. Or you can use them to visit a boat show, the digital one at the
Milan Yachting Week
. Just download the free app! However, it is important to have your smartphone charged at all times, especially since the applications you use on the boat, such as those for navigation and onboard electronics, are very energy intensive. A powerbank, perhaps waterproof, is a good solution; even better is Scanstrut’s wireless charger, which keeps your smartphone charged and firmly at the console, without the risk of losing or breaking cables. In addition to smartphones, on-board electronics allow for a very comfortable vacation without giving up. Did you know that it only takes a little to have potable water directly from your sink? And that you can have espresso without a mocha and without a bulky machine?

7 digital accessories to have on your boat

Digital accessories – Digital salon always in your pocket

App Milan Yachting Week - The digital boat show
App Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show

If you are looking for a great way to spend your free time on vacation, enjoy a visit to the Digital Boat Show. Download the Milano Yachting Week app for free and browse boats, accessories and exhibitors of nautical services and tourism.

  • Milan Yachting Week App – Download it for Free by clicking the buttons below!

Available on Google PlayDownload on the App Store

Digital accessories – Mini cylinder for diving

Mini cylinder - Karbones
Mini cylinder – Karbones

An aluminum canister that allows short dives, for example, to check the bulb or hull. Autonomy of 12 minutes per canister, which can be refilled with the hand pump included in the basic kit or with the compressor.

Digital accessories – Smartphone cases for underwater photos and videos

Underwater photo and video cases - SeaLife
Underwater photo and video cases – SeaLife

Why buy an underwater camera when our phones have superior quality? All it takes is a vacuum cover, with a 2500-lumen flash, to take photos and videos up to 40 meters deep.

Digital Accessories – Waterproof Powerbank

Waterproof Powerbank - Nitecore
Waterproof Powerbank – Nitecore

All of the devices we use on a daily basis have an inevitable problem: they download. A powerbank is essential on vacation; on a boat it is even better if it is waterproof. Like this!

Digital Accessories – Compact Coffee Machine

Travel Coffee Machine - Presso X
Travel Coffee Machine – Presso X

No machines, not even the need to turn on the stove. Presso uses Nespresso pods, or ground coffee, heats the inserted water and makes you espresso in a few moments. It charges via USB-C.

Digital accessories – Wireless smartphone charger

Wireless Charger - Scanstrut
Wireless Charger – Scanstrut

The smartphone has now become the secondary, and often the primary, interface for in-vehicle electronics. Having it ready at all times is a must: lean on this wireless charger and you’ll have it charged and safe (it’s non-slip and waterproof).

Digital Accessories – Water Purifier

Purifier Pick and Drink - Schenker Watermakers
Purifier Pick and Drink – Schenker Watermakers

Having water ready to drink right from the sink is a great convenience. With this purifier, in addition to not having to ship heavy and bulky bottles, you will help reduce the production of plastic waste.



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