Cruise fishing: let’s try it in port with ghost shrimp

Are you stuck in port due to bad weather during the boat cruise? Are you passionate about fishing and want to try to beguile the wait by fishing a little? Well, just a few moves and it’s done but provided you get a super bait. The technique we are talking about today is very simple, we will do typical float fishing, also known in bolognese or English variants. We can practice it from the boat moored to a pier or from a dock, to fish for bass and bream mainly, but also looking for the “hit” in bream.

But we were telling you about super bait. what is it all about? Of the so-called “ghost shrimp.” It is a small shrimp widespread along our coasts, living among the rocks in shallow waters, or attached under floating docks. To catch it, we will need to have a narrow-mesh net or one of those aquarium nets. Our shrimp friends are difficult to spot because they blend in very well with their surroundings, but once spotted you will find that they are also very curious and when faced with an outstretched, firm hand they will reach out to touch it with their antennae. At that point, we will gently feed them into our wade. The areas where we will look for them will be precisely the piers, or the reef areas where sheltered pools of water form: sharpen your eyesight and you will find them.

The classic setup for float fishing

The setup we will use will be the classic float fishing setup. A 6-meter rod if we are fishing from a reef, from the boat a 3-meter spinning rod or similar will also suffice, a small size reel reeled with 0.16 and a line no larger than 0.12. The shrimp will be baited with a very small hook, even a 14-gauge, from the tail and can stay alive for a long time.



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