Comparing is power: start-up of the year

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Forty-one companies competed in the election of the most innovative start-up in the boating world, organized by the Paris Boat Show. succeeded in seducing the public and jury, being recognized as “start-up of the year.”

Born only 6 months ago, growing fast: 20 destinations and 100 vessels are added daily on the 6 European websites. Leading this dynamic new company are. Isabelle Duval, former International Director of’s and finally General Manager of Autoescape, Europe’s leading car rental company; Guillaume Bril, his career began at eBay, then Development Director of Splendia and finally Commercial Director of Liligo, the leading flight comparator in France.

Their goal? To be the answer of the consumer, who today wastes hours and hours searching for cheaper craft. “Today, more than 70 percent of tourists use a comparator before buying” Guillaume Bril tells us. “Customer satisfaction is the main goal of beboats! Consumers welcome its comprehensive, objective, and transparent offerings. “beboats compares prices, boat status, services, and insurance offered by partners. In a nutshell, it compares everything that determines the final price. “The latter holds no surprises, as payment is made directly website.” explains Isabelle Duval.

In order to prove to customers that beboats is serious, the two founders made a shock announcement: they are offering all individuals who own a boat to list it on the site for free and rent it to third parties without commission for beboats. This is a real revolution for the industry in which companies such as Airbnb and Uber operate, where more than thirty European websites charge an average of 15 percent commissions to their customers.

Created in June 2015 by Isabelle Duval and Guillaume Bril, is a price comparator in the worldwide boat rental industry. With just a few clicks, allows you to access a wide range of boats offered for charter, compare the offer, and proceed with the transaction directly on the site. Today is already present in 6 different European countries (Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, UK and Switzerland) with an offer of more than 35000 boats from private individuals and charter agencies.



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