Come to the VELAFestival with or without a boat: we’ll take care of the rest

Yourboat as your home and the VELAFestival as your town for four days May 4-7 in Santa Margherita. Experiencing the festival from the inside is a unique experience that will allow you to witness up close and have all the events we are organizing for you at your doorstep. You will also be protagonists of this “four days” dedicated to all sailing enthusiasts, four days in port among people who speak the same language as you: that of the sea and that of sailing. You will also be able to participate in the VELACup on Saturday, May6 and Sunday, May7.
Booking a place in the port is super easy and we will help you step by step. Following this link you will find a
short format
form to fill out to make a reservation.

Once the free mooring request is filled out you will be placed on the reservation list and places will be assigned based on availability and boat size. Our secretariat will notify you by mid-April of your berth. Reservations are free of charge.

Looking instead for boarding to participate in VELAfestival and VELA Cup? Do you have a boat and need crew and offer boarding? Again this year, if you don’t feel like visiting us “on foot,” and in order for you to make the most of your days at the VELAFestival, we decided to create a network among you enthusiasts to give you the possibility of finding boarding if you are not a shipowner of a boat, whether to participate in the VELACup on Saturday, May 7 both to spend all four days of the event on the boat. On the other hand, if you are a boat owner but lack people to complete your racing crew or if you more simply feel like sharing your boat with other enthusiasts, for the pleasure of meeting new people, you can easily search for someone to complete your crew by following this link.
By filling out the form found at
this page
, with your details, characteristics and experience as a sailor/mariner, your announcement and email will be published and you will be able to choose or be chosen to participate in the biggest party in the Mediterranean.



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