CLASSIFICATION What will we use in the future and what will go into the oblivion of sailboats?


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We analyzed objects and design trends and gave them a present and a future. They are accessories, type of design, sails, facilities, financing, flags…you name it. These are parameters that characterize the world of current boats; we have quoted their level of diffusion and current use. Then we projected into the future their dissemination. So in the ranking below are the elements to understand what is happening today and what will happen in the near future in sailing. So you can realize whether the choices you have made or are about to make will still be relevant over time. It is a semi-serious exercise that our newspaper’s editorial staff has come up with that is useful when thinking about what to buy or replace.

The stern platform is an increasingly used solution
Whiplashes for load-bearing gaits sails are now widespread

Take this into account in your choices. Certainly a large part of these trends is the responsibility of manufacturers, yards and their dissemination. The main problem is cost, in most cases. Who wouldn’t want to have, just to give a striking example, a carbon shaft? Not so much for performance, which improves significantly, but for the comfort and safety that comes with it. A lighter mast, especially in height results in less heeling and pitching, smoother passage over the wave. The problem is that carbon shafts cost at least twice as much as aluminum ones. Only by increasing production, that is, if it increased its use on production boats, and not just racing boats, could costs come down significantly.

electric drives represent the future

Other matter for accessories that will surely have development because they are better. Such as the reluctance to use laminate sails, instead of Dacron, on cruising boats. It is not a matter of cost, it is a matter of mentality and false prejudices. A laminate sail is not true that it lasts less than a Dacron one, and the cost is virtually the same. But performance, ease of adjustment and maintenance of optimal shape over time makes it incomparably better. Another development we care a lot about, that of the electric motor. In the name of silence and ecology, market players must realize that this is a great opportunity for everyone.

The ranking of what’s going out of style

– classic opening block
– radar
– pronounced edge hull
– mainsail rolled into the mast
– heavy displacement of boats
– dacron sails
– spinnaker
– gel batteries
– Italian flag (if the bureaucratic situation does not improve)

The ranking of new and growing trends

– textile opening block
– electric motor
– lithium batteries
– carbon shaft (as prices drop)
– boat heating
– dynema sheets
– electric winches
– Belgian flag
– crosswind/downwind sail whisk
– laminate sails
– removable solar panels
– sail Code 0
– dolphin boat
– opening stern (movable transom)
– Joysticks for steering during mooring (new motor propulsion systems)

The ranking of evergreens

– double wheel steering
– bimini
– chartplotter
– self-tacking jib
– full batten mainsail (all batten)



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