Cecchi. Epoxy resin also perfect for working on wood

If you have a boat that needs maintenance and you need to repair, build, glue, laminate, protect, grout, invent, the product you are looking for that will solve your problems is C-Systems 10 10 CFS. A 100% multifunctional epoxy resin, C-Systems 10 10 CFS is a glue that does not create osmosis because it does not change when in contact with water, whereas polyester is not as suitable. But the most surprising feature is how well this resin also works on wood: the encounter between the ancient material and the new 10 10 CFS technique is harmonious. Wood at the same weight is three times stronger than steel, but it has to be dry and kept that way, and that’s where the 10 10 CFS takes care of it. This product is also very easy to apply, highly reliable and ideal for all work in general both below and above the waterline. A series of additives make it usable in all kinds of processing, as a wood-to-wood, wood-to-glass, fiberglass-to-glass, and heterogeneous materials adhesive. C-Systems 10 10 CFS has two catalysts, Standard and Fast-Fast, which can also be mixed together to make an intermediate. These allow processing times to be adjusted to weather conditions. www.cecchi.it



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