Captain Liz’s new adventure: 10 magical days in the Tuamotu. VIDEO

liz clarkDo you remember Liz Clark, the 34-year-old Californian who has been traveling the world alone on her sailboat since 2005? We reveal his adventure in the Tuamotu Islands.

Liz, who graduated from college while alternating between surfing (with nationally prominent achievements), realized her dream in 2004 when she purchased a Cal 40 (designed by Bill Lapworth), built by the Jansen Marine shipyard in 1966. The boat was in excellent condition but it took nearly two years of hard work to make it an ocean-going vessel, renamed Swell.

Liz has been sailing (along with a cat) all over the Pacific Ocean ever since. One of the most fascinating stops was a ten-day sail to the paradise that is the Tuamotu Islands. A video all to enjoy!



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