But what will the weather be like? Here you can find weather forecasts that keep you comfortable

meteomedWhat’s the weather like at Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show? Good, great and always up-to-date at the Meteomed booth(CLICK HERE)

Meteomed, here are the weather forecasts that keep you comfortable

Meteomed’s weather forecast service for the Mediterranean found at the digital boat show offers the chance to get a 10 percent discount. This applies to those who subscribe to premium services by simply clicking on the link at the booth.

What Meteomed is and why it is an indispensable service for those who go out to sea by boat is well told by meteorologist/mariner Paolo Corazzon in the exclusive interview you’ll want to listen to.

We anticipate the main contents of the unique service it offers through the proprietary multichannel platform usable by web, mobile, phone, SMS, e-mail.

Why it is the most reliable weather service in Italy

Meteomed’s strong point, you can tell by visiting the booth, is the up-to-date and accurate forecasts. Mteomed has the largest meteorological operations center in Italy, which it shares with 3B Meteo, Italy’s most accurate and reliable weather forecasting service.

Building on this advantage, which no one else can have, Meteomed develops all customized services for boating, up to and including giving you forecasts along the way through weather reports and a series of alerts that you can set up directly. Just to mention two examples of the service available. You better go and discover the variety of services offered by the leader in nautical weather forecasting right away.

If you would like to learn more about how the Meteomed Yachting Top service works, which provides you with 20 forecasters 7 days a week, click here now

And if you subscribe to Meteomed’s services through Milan Yachting Week, you get a special 10% discount!

With whatsapp to learn more, right away

If you want to go deeper and get more personalized info, just click on the Chat button. They’ll get right back to you.




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