Brainy sailors are you ready for the eSailing Cup? First on the net, then at sea

You qualify online and then you play it at sea: this is how we can sum up the first edition of the eSailing Cup, an interesting event organized by the Italian Naval League.

The first edition of the eSailing Cup will be held. February 11, 2017 through April 10, 2017 (you can sign up here), regarding the online tournament via the app (which will be sent via email to those who decide to register), while the sea races will take place in Villasimius, at the local section of the Naval League located in the Port of Villasimius, May 26, 27, 28, 2017.

The online tournament will designate eight finalists, regardless of gender, for each of the three categories: Cadets (ages 6-12), Juniors (ages 13-17), and Seniors (ages 18 and older).

The virtual phase will be a mixture of online racing and sailing-themed quizzes and will be preparatory to the selection of competitors for the sea races. To be eligible to participate in the finals, the 24 qualifiers, as of May 21, must be registered with the IVF at their home club. Those who do not have an IVF card can regularize by registering with the LNI Villasimius Section.
The sea races repeat the same mechanism as the online regattas: three match race type races with sum of times, will be held aboard the O’pen BICs for the little ones, Lasers for the adults.



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