Boats, from June 3 you can sail all over Italy. Here’s how

boatsAs we had anticipated, it is finally back to sailing throughout Italy. With the go-ahead for movement between regions on June 3, people will be able to join their boat (or chartered boat) in another region and sail across regional borders. Unless some “berserk” governor decides to prevent or limit it with an ad hoc ordinance(HERE we explained to you, for example, about the uselessness of the Sardinian health passport)

Can I go out on a day and multi-day boat trip?

From June 3 absolutely yes, even crossing regional borders but not foreign borders. To date, it is still unclear whether a pact will be made among European nations to reopen their borders-Croatia, for example, has reopened its borders but not to Italy (for now). Greece will do the same from June 15, but we are sure that this is a temporary situation.

Who can I go out on the boat with?

With whomever you want, as long as you comply with the stated maximum person load limits for each boat.

In addition, if you board people who are not part of the core group with whom you spent the lockdown at home you should maintain a distance of one person for every linear meter of the boat and wear a face mask when staying in an enclosed environment. Mandatory use of surface sanitizer, whether you are sailing with family or friends.

What precautions should I take for mooring and unmooring?

You must wear a face mask (and gloves are advisable) and you must demand that the moorer also have one.

Can I sleep on the boat?

Yes, as if it were your second home.

With whom and how to stay on the boat?

In case you intend to sleep and stay on board with the regular household, you do not have to keep any additional precautions beyond what you have already done.

If you intend to accommodate other people who are not part of your regular household, they must sleep in other cabins and a distance of one meter between person and person must be maintained. Mandatory sanitization of surfaces.

Do my friends have to undergo any special health measures before boarding them?

No, but this is where common sense kicks in. You must have checked his health condition and trust the reassurance he provides.

Can I bathe by getting on and off the boat?

Yes, of course. And without having to use any medical devices. Good practice is to use a personal towel for each crew member and not to exchange towels between people.

Can I sleep in the roadstead, at anchor?

Of course: obviously any flotilla-style wall/wall anchors (which are also unsafe) are not recommended. Boats must stay apart.

How should I behave at the dock at the berth with the crew of the neighboring boat?

You must demand that the two-meter distance between person and person be maintained. For example, if you are mooring and the crew of the neighboring boat wants to help you out so that there is no danger of touching each other hull to hull, you can expect them to wear face masks and, most importantly, safe distances between people should be maintained.

Can I rent a boat?

Yes, absolutely. Starting June 3, you can travel outside the region where you rented the boat, but without crossing national borders. To date, it is still unclear whether a pact will be made among European nations to reopen the borders.

Will there be any checks I will have to undergo if I rent a boat?

Yes, there is mandatory temperature measurement of crew members on a daily basis. The crew should also take care to prevent outsiders from coming on board while in port or at the marina. Those living in the same housing unit will be able to share cabin housing. General rules on social distancing and interpersonal avoidance measures apply to noncohabitants, i.e., one person for every meter of linear length of the unit, including crew members, unless the guests present live together.

If I hire a boat with a skipper, what should I ask him?

First, the lessor must certify the good health of the skipper and/or hostess. Embarked personnel, as well as charterers, must periodically perform demonstrable health checks (serological/temperature measurement).

He or she must also stay in a different environment from the chartering nucleus and maintain a safe distance at all times.

What about leasing? Can it be done?

Yes, the same prevention regulations as for private boats apply to recreational rental units. Accommodations in the same cabin are allowed for people living in the same housing unit. The lessor is obliged to sanitize, even in the case of hourly use of the boat, all rooms-including engine and service rooms-as well as to provide himself with adequate supplies of sanitizing products in addition to informative signs, written in several languages, to make the lessee and his guests aware of the necessary hygienic measures to be taken. In the case of hiring a skipper by the lessee, the provisions in the charter for crew will apply.

What will happen in the ports?

Marina operators must have appropriate information signs, in Italian and English, on behavioral measures to be observed, the use of personal protective equipment, the installation of sanitizer dispensers on jetties, restriction of movement, prohibitions on gatherings, and respect for social distancing.


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