Beneteau double whammy: Oceanis 40.1 and Oceanis Yacht 54 on the way.

Oceanis Yacht 54

We had told you about it HERE and now comes the official announcement from the shipyard: here are two new Oceanis ready to be launched on the market, the Oceanis Yacht 54 signed by Roberto Biscontini and Lorenzo Argento, and the new Oceanis 40.1 designed by Marc Lombard .

The first follows the “Yacht” concept already introduced with the First 53, from which the water lines are derived, translating it into the classic Oceanis style, namely that of a very comfortable cruising boat. The very close kinship with the First 53 will, however, provide the boat with those important sailing characteristics that, hand in hand with on-board comfort, delineate the contours of a luxury boat, where this word is declined to denote that ensemble made up of quality finishes, attention to detail, comfort and performance. Compared to the First 53, the Oceanis Yacht 54 will feature rollbarrs, an even more easy-sailing maneuvering layout, different seating for the helmsman, and a deckhouse that ends in a slight step to further increase interior volume.

Oceanis 40.1

The Oceanis 40.1, on the other hand, is a typical thoroughbred Oceanis but with an all-new hull. A versatile 12-meter that can go from the charter world to the world of family cruising. A boat with a hull that is inspired by the latest oceanic open designs while not manifesting any extremism: soft but continuous edges are noted from stern to bow, providing dynamic stability under sail and an addition of interior volume.

The aft swim platform is fully foldable for a comfortable descent into the water, while the basic rigging layout includes two classic winches in the deckhouse for halyards and two set back in the wheelhouse area for rigging.

Oceanis Yacht 54

Length. 15,98 m

Width 5 m

Draft 2.5 m

Displacement 16,600 kg

Oceanis 40.1

Length. 11,99 m

Width 4.18 m

Draft 2.17 m

Displacement 8,180 kg






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