At VELAFestival we go out to sea all day in all ways…even for babies

Have you recently entered the VELAFestival and feel like taking it easy, leaving your children to have fun in safe hands? No problem! There will be attentive instructors who will take them for a ride aboard an Optimist and, if they are older, they can have a Laser outing.
With professional instructors you can take your free sailing lesson or try out the dinghies on display at the beach village. Even the children. Sup, kayak and windsurfing will be available for a free lesson or a sea outing including wetsuit and all necessary equipment.
But you can also organize a boat outing with the whole family: Dufour’s new Drakkar 24 will be waiting for you on the dock at the Harbour Calata, with an instructor on hand to take you for a safe ride. But if, on the other hand, you are not in the mood to go out to sea, the 30-meter schooner Pandora, a perfect replica of a 19th-century sailing ship with its crew of real sailors, awaits moored at the dock. Little ones can play at being pirates (the ones in Pandora really look like pirates), but you’ll also find seafaring arts workshopson board, where you can learn how to climb the mast, tie knots and splices, and repair sails.
And if you have a feeling that a vacation with an ultra-lightweight, ultra-technological kayak might be for you, let Guido Grugnola, a great sailor convert to the world of canoe touring, tell you how his kayaks are made and what wonderful adventures you can take part in.




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