At the launch of the Mylius 65 FD, an all-Italian boat that aims to dictate a style

mylius-apeThere are boats that are immediately striking and, most importantly, have character. Such is the case with the Mylius, all-Italian boats that have always been characterized by sharp lines and stylistic choices that may or may not be liked, but which have certainly dictated a style.


Such is the case with the new Mylius 65 FD, just launched in Cala de’ Medici, Tuscany. We were there.

img_7878The Mylius 65 FD is inspired by its big brother 19E95. The design, once again, is by Alberto Simeone and represents an evolution of the hulls of the shipyard’s previous 60′-65′: on this new 65-footer, in fact, work has been done to improve the ratio of sail area to displacement. The new hull is also significantly wider than its predecessors, especially the aft sections, which are characterized by a set-back maximum beam, promising better shape stability, performance in carrying gaits, and course stability at high speeds.

20.20 m long, 5.25 m wide, with a sail area (upwind) of 258 sq m, it is constructed entirely of carbon fiber sandwich, unidirectional and multiaxial, with PVC foam core with differentiated density-except for some areas with “solid” lamination, in epoxy matrix with vacuum-bag technique and “post cure.” A choice that made it possible to keep the displacement around 20 tons: a feature, this, that falls perfectly within the parameters of Mylius-branded fast cruisers.

The deck looks very clean, thanks in part to the decision to design a short, streamlined deckhouse: the eye appeal is definitely striking. A sense of neatness accentuated by the presence of the mainsail sheet winch positioned on a small column amidships, while the primaries and maneuvering winches are located on the aft ends of the benches, where we also find all mast maneuvering deferred.

Further enhancing the feeling of cleanliness is the elimination of cross rails, replaced by a flying barber system for racing jibs, thus clearing the fairways: the only rail present is the classic self-tacking jib rail for cruising. The now-ubiquitous dolphin rail is perfect for tacking asymmetrical sails and also serves as an anchor nose.

The rigging is with quartered spreaders and broadside shrouds; the mast is “high modulus” carbon, with PBO rigging, by Hall Spars; the sails are by North Sails, edited by Andrea Casale. The deck equipment is from Harken and Ubi Maior.

The owner of Oscar3 is Architect Aldo Parisotto, former owner of the Mylius 50′ “Oscar2” and owner of “Parisotto + Formenton Architetti.” Drawing on his experience in interior design, including for boating, he collaborated with Alberto Simeone, coming up with an experimental interior layout, both in details and in furniture materials.


In the interior, the shipyard and the owner chose to use smoked eucalyptus and open-pore oak. The dinette is a large open space characterized by the presence of opposing sofas. The design of the owner’s area is particular: after passing through a carbon sliding door, one enters an “erxtralarge” suite. The choice of fittings, reminiscent of those of travel cases, is peculiar. The double bed has been placed on the forward bulkhead, while the bathroom area is divided into two, with a separate shower.

mylius 65 fd

The electrical system is based on Mastervolt’s “Masterviews system,” which allows control and management of all on-board utilities, either from the “touch screen” panel or via remote connection; electronic instrumentation and autopilot are from B&G, with innovative integrated wireless diagnostic functions, while the engine is a 160-hp Yanmar.

All this while two more Mylius 65′ (one in Flush Deck version and one in Raised Saloon version) and three Mylius 76′ (two Flush Deck and one Deck Saloon) are currently under construction in the shipyard.

Lft. 20,20 m
Larg. 5,25 m
Pesc. 3,95 m
Disl. 20500 kg
Mainsail 146 sqm
Jib 112 sqm
Gennaker 451 sqm



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