Antifouling revolution. With hydrogen peroxide hull always clean

Will hydrogen peroxide, the kind we use to disinfect wounds, be the element that will allow us to always have a clean hull, without using classic antifoulings?
So thinks Mario Pagliaro, a CNR chemist who, in collaboration with the Madar Institute of Science Technology in Abu Dhabi, has developed a new antifouling paint. It is called AquaSun and works by the hydrogen peroxide released from the water-based paint during solar irradiation, which acts as a powerful antifouling agent.



Tests were carried out for 122 days in the warm and particularly plankton-rich waters of the Indian Ocean taken from Al Muneera beach in Abu Dhabi, subjecting a surface submerged in water to solar radiation alternating with darkness, thus replicating the natural alternation of day and night. The result after four months, officials say, is the almost total absence of algae. What is the difference of this AquaSun technology compared to regular antifoulings? Oxygenated water is absolutely environmentally friendly, rapidly decomposing into native oxygen and water, leaving no residue, preventing microorganisms from colonizing the protected surface. As Mario Pagliaro states, “Copper-based paints act chemically, that is, they prevent the formation of fouling by releasing ions that kill marine organisms. But copper accumulates in water causing, especially near ports and busy areas, environmental damage. Silicone-based antifoulants, on the other hand, act physically but work well only when the boat is sailing, while when it is stationary their effectiveness is almost nullified.” For those who want to learn more:



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