America’s Cup: some fly, some test the sails…and some spy. PHOTOS

The team’s first AC75 sails for the first time. Ross Photos

And eventually came the first flight of the AC 75 but this time it was the Americans of American Magic who burned the other challengers on time and got their boat up on the foils for the first time. The whole thing took place in Narragansett Bay, Newport, Rhode Island. Little can be seen from the boat, other than the impression we got from the first photos (read our detailed analysis HERE), namely that the Americans may have chosen a classic cockpit over Team New Zealand’s and a decidedly flatter hull than the Kiwis’ that appears “starry.”

Photo Richard Gladwell

At the same time in New Zealand, the Kiwis hoist the double mainsail and proceed with testing in decidedly “slow” mode, spied closely by what could be a Luna Rossa dinghy.

And meanwhile in Cagliari the wait continues, the Italian AC 75 is locked inside Luna Rossa’s base, the Italians’ pre-tactics continue, but the wait is probably coming to an end.




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