All the VELA Cup Superstars. Here are the boats that will parade out on May 7

download (1)There are several ways to be among the Superstars of the VELA Cup, the regatta/sailing event that will start at 11 a.m. on Saturday, May 7, in front of Santa Margherita and already has 130 entries when there are still 18 days to go. Among the boats already registered, we have pulled out a few goodies that for different reasons fall among the Superstars of this great party at sea.


For example, you will find some legendary #plasticafantastic models on the starting line: two Swan 43 Sparkman&Stephens Kokkola and Magia II, one Sweden 41 Saravà, 2 Swan 44 S&S Four Winds and Pippus,the legendary Swan 37 Tikka, the Swan 47 Vanessa. But we will also have for the second year in a row the C&C 61 Rainbow and its magnificent crew.

Screenshot 2016-03-29 at 5:23:59 p.m.



Then there will be elegant vintage wooden hulls of all sizes, from the 27-meter mammoth and very elegant Whitefin to the auric cutter Lona II, via the Sangermani Bufeo Blanco and Ilda, the boat with a canoe stern. Not to mention possible crossings at the buoy with one of the absolute queens of the VELA Cup, the Moro di Venezia.

Then there will also be on the water two superbolids such as the maxi 80 Ourdream Rigoni di Asiago helmed by Mauro Pelaschier and the world champion Mini Maxi Supernikka, the Vismara V62 designed by Mark Mills.


But we will also have other superboats to do battle on the course from Santa Margherita to below the Portofino mountain: there will be the brand-new ICE 62 EVO, the Vismara V56 Twin and the Mylius 76 FD-newlylaunched and competing against other boats for the first time.

Haven’t signed up yet? No problem, because you are still in time by clicking on this link or directly in Santa Margherita. While if you are curious to peek at who has already signed up, take a look here.



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