All set for Dusseldorf: we give you a taste of the latest news

boot-dusseldorfDid you think, once the binge of fall trade shows was over, that the yards would quiet down for a few months without launching any more new models? You were wrong, and very wrong. It has been many seasons since we have seen such a buzz at the beginning of the calendar year, even at the main winter event, the Düsseldorf Motor Show (January 23-31, 2016, Boats large and small, catamarans and monohulls, sport and cruising, even the return of monotypes-there is indeed an embarrassment of riches.
In fact, the first thing that strikes one when analyzing the upcoming models coming out on the market is the fact that they really cover every type of boat, unlike past seasons, in which cruising models ruled the day. If we really have to look for a segment that is more nourished than the others, we identify it as that of boats, mono or multihull, around 40 feet.


Knierim FC53
Knierim FC53

We begin, out of obligation to hospitality, with the German shipyard Dehler, which finally unveils its 42, definitely a highly anticipated model, to the public. Indeed, it will not be easy to replace 41. To achieve this, the shipyard seems to want to shift the balance of the “standard” boat concept: Dehler is expected to offer, starting with this hull, a standard outfitting that includes sails, electronics, electric winches, and composite wheels. Basically, a boat that is really ready to sail. Also speaking of German shipyards, Knierim, which specializes in the production of high-tech boats, will be present at Boot at least with the design of its FC3 53, a Finot Conq-signed cruiser racer that promises to be ultra-fast and even equipped with ballast. Finally, Bavaria offers its newest vessel, the Bavaria 34 Cruiser: plenty of space on board, as is the shipyard’s tradition, with greater attention than in the past to the level of finish as well. A model that launches itself firmly into the fierce world of cruising “watercraft.”

Lagoon 42 S


The German giant was joined last year by French shipyard Nautitech, marking Bavaria’s entry into the world of catamarans. This edition of the Boot sees the debut of the Nautitech Open 46. At 14 meters long, it is planned with dual wheelhouses and a classic hardtop, but a flying bridge version will also arrive in the following months.
Staying on the subject of catamarans, we had mentioned earlier the heated 40-footer challenge: in fact, Lagoon also officially unveils its 42, featuring a low hardtop that nevertheless also accommodates the wheelhouse. Coming instead from Australia is the first design in a new range of habitable catamarans from the McConaghy shipyard, which again does not betray its sporty DNA.


Hallberg-Rassy 40 MK III
Hallberg-Rassy 40 MK III

Big names to the rescue On the roster of cards being played at the Düsseldorf show, here are also a number of esteemed names that have chosen the German event to present their models. We start with Hallberg Rassy and his 40 MK II, a twelve-and-a-half-footer designed once again by Gérman Frers. The central cockpit, in keeping with tradition, is well sheltered thanks in part to the presence of a windshield. There are two sail plans, one with a jib (81.5 the total square meters of area) and one with a genoa (which is close to 95 square meters). Instead, it is called 60RS, the latest addition to Nautor’s Swan, which also kicks off the year-long celebration of the 50th candle of the historic shipyard founded in 1966. An elegant and sophisticated boat, as is in the Swan tradition, waiting to see the much-anticipated Clubswan 50 designed by Argentine Juan Kouyoumdjian take to the water over the next year.

The world of monotypes seems to be finding new life after a few years of tarnishing. And this applies to the whole world. It is no coincidence that the two main novelties come from opposite ends of the spectrum: it is American Melges 14, the new little one that promises sparks and has just landed in Italy as well. The Chinese shipyard Fareast should, the conditional at the moment is still a must, unveil its 23-footer: once again the pen is Simonis-Voogd’s, and there is no doubt that the shipyard wants to try to repeat the success of the Fareast 28R, which has already been launched in over a hundred units.

Ice 52

The renewed ferment that has pervaded the boat market still takes all sizes. Delphia shows up with its 46 DS, Elan with the revamped E6 signed again by Rob Humphreys, the flagship of the range, while the British Discovery is betting big on its 58-footer, a boat with very high customization rates. Garcia premieres the new 52. Among the smaller ones, there is curiosity about the Maxus 24 Evo, the new version of the shipyard’s bestselling vessel.
What about Italy? The Italian delegation in Düsseldorf is always large, but compared to other years the choice was not to present new models here (optimizing efforts on past fall shows or in the later months of 2016), except for Solaris, which launches its 47-footer. A boat marked by easy sailing, with only two winches in the helmsman area from which all maneuvers can be managed. Designing it, like all the latest models from the Aquileia (Udine) shipyard, is Javier Soto Acebal, confirming the success this pair has enjoyed in recent years. Next, theIce 52 makes its debut at the German show: Umberto Felci’s design is enjoying success on the European market, and this is an event that could not be missed.

Next week we will be visiting the Dusseldorf Motor Show in person to tell you about these and other news and curiosities directly from the German show. as the Americans say… STAY TUNED!



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