A project to save nautical tourism in Tuscany

The situation that has arisen as a result of the spread of COVID-19 infections and the measures necessarily taken by the government is undoubtedly, both economically and socially, dramatic. With the closure of activities deemed non-essential, including boating charters, and the inability for people to move around, many businesses are coming to terms with the crisis that is already a reality and rethinking their work to devise new strategies to respond to this period of crisis and plan for the restart, adapting to the changed reality. It is with this in mind that the Port of Rosignano Marina Cala de’ Medici is launching the project “Alto Tirreno Charter Base – Hospital of Nautical Tourism,” which has as its primary purpose to intervene in the area of, precisely, nautical tourism and as its starting point the Port of Rosignano.

The latter, in fact, is in the process of equipping itself with a whole series of extraordinary measures and “anti-COVID-19” sanitization protocols designed to make it a “Safe Port” for its 164 direct workers and all those passing through it, from land and sea. Included among these extraordinary measures is the identification of a stretch of “safe dock,” demarcated and subject to a constant sanitation protocol, a dock that will be used for boats in transit and charter boats, which are given, that is, leased (chartered). In the immediate vicinity of this secure stretch of quay, the Port will equip a kind of “customs office,” where customers will be able to complete all arrival procedures in complete safety, without the need to go to the port offices and reception.

To keep its Members and users constantly informed and updated on sanitation protocols and extraordinary measures taken to prevent COVID-19 infection, Marina Cala de’ Medici has created a special section of its website: safe.marinacalademedici.it. In addition, a specific e-mail address(safe@marinacalademedici.it) has been activated by writing to which any user can interface with the Port Management for clarification and elucidation.

As a Safe Harbor, Cala de’ Medici intends to propose the project of creating a network of nautical charter bases in the region, through an agreement signed by all the ports of the Tuscany Coast system, Islands of Tuscany and Tuscany Marine Consortium, which would allow charter companies to have facilitated mobility, discounted prices and insured moorings. The main purpose of the operation is to enable the different companies to contain the fixed costs of their activities, but also to network each one’s skills and know-how, so as to create a synergy from which all can benefit. The Port of Rosignano will, in fact, propose to several charter companies the use of this safe dock at the sole cost of utilities and services, while proposing to temporarily transfer the activity from other regions to Tuscany, in order to “regroup” an important fleet of boats to be offered to customers at extremely favorable prices. The Management of Cala de’ Medici will also network all its human resources, the properties in its commercial village to be offered for lease for office use, as well as its communication channels and means, in order to be able to support these fundamental activities for the development of territorial nautical tourism and the induced activities generated by it.

“Tuscany, the world’s leading nautical cluster, must be a driver and not a spectator at this difficult time. This project would enable us to offer the international market contracted nautical tour packages, tour packages that could also be offered to the clientele of agencies and tour operators, with the slogan ‘Sail, but in the Italian seas,’ where many international bookings have been blocked by regulations prohibiting entry in many countries. Marina Cala de’ Medici is willing to act as the center and the first experimental hub of the project, guaranteeing moorings at discounted prices thanks to the ‘Work at Cala de’ Medici’ formula already in use for a few years, as well as making available its staff that could carry out the ‘technical’ part concerning the boarding/disembarkation procedures of customers; the commercial village of Cala de’ Medici, moreover, could host some temporary office of charter companies, but also make available, again at discounted rates, the guest quarters within the Port, currently managed by the Yacht Club Cala de’ Medici. The Tuscany Region showed interest in our project and summoned me to discuss it. I hope he will give us his support and that all other ports in Tuscany can also share it and join the network,” comments Matteo Italo Ratti, CEO and Port Director of Cala de’ Medici and President of the Marine Consortium of Tuscany.



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