A new rental giant is born. Thanks to Osculati

osculated sailsquare
Accessories giant Osculati invested capital in Sailsquare, which in turn invested in Skippair

Big buzz in the world of boat rentals, which is growing so much that it is attracting the attention of major investors.

Osculati joins Sailsquare

Proof of this comes news of the investment by the Osculati family, a world leader in nautical accessories, entering the capital of Sailsquare, the global marketplace for booking skippered boating vacations.

The Segrate-based company has acquired a stake in Italy’s Sailquare. This capital was used to finance the acquisition of a 30 percent stake in Skippair, a marketplace of tours and boat vacations, day trips, and diving vacations aimed primarily at the French market.

A group with 150,000 berths worldwide is born

With the entry of Italy’s Osculati, a true giant of chartering and boating vacations is formed. Aimed especially at those who do not necessarily need to know how to boat. The secret is the presence, always, of a skipper who leads the boat.

The synergies between Sailsquare and Skippair are evident in the numbers if we aggregate the market data of the two companies. 3,000 skippers, a community of more than 150,000 travelers, a worldwide boat and cabin vacation offering with 150,000 berths available for every budget and type.

The global boating giant

For Osculati, established in 1958, this is the first diversification to come out of the world of accessories. But always in the nautical sphere, where it is the largest nautical accessories manufacturing and distribution company in Europe, supplying any product, bar none.

osculati nautical
The Osculati family

Its catalog has 21,000 products (20 percent made directly), serves 96 nations with 5,000 retailers worldwide, and turns over 70 million euros annually.

Alberto Osculati, executive director, tells Alberto Osculati’s secret of success: “Our logistics ensure speed and on-time delivery to both construction sites and our dealers around the world. Every day, 15 tons of products leave our warehouses in Segrate (Milan) and Lucca for 96 different countries.” The Osculati family is in its third generation to lead the company since its founding in 1958.



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