A myth called Moana is set to return

Moana 35 race

A myth called Moana is ready to return. For those not familiar with it, the series of boats bearing this name, inaugurated by Franco Malingri, were particularly in vogue in the 1980s-90s. These were a series of offshore boats, also designed for ocean sailing and racing. Today at the behest of Vittorio Malingri and with the support of designer Marco Veglia, Moana is back in a big way. This was announced by Vittorio Malingri himself in a lengthy facebook post on the new page dedicated to the site. We repost the post for you in its entirety because no one better than Vittorio can explain what Moana has been and especially what it will become.



I am proud to announce that the shipyard created by Franco Malingri and myself in 1982 and put on standby in 2002, which gave birth to the famous Moana series of blue water yachts, is reopening its doors under the name “Moana Shipyard.”
Moana, Polynesian name for princess and the word for offshore, literally “the blue of the deep sea,” Ocean, produced, between 1982 and 2002, boats that have become a cult for enthusiasts. Five classic semi-custom series models, from 27′ to 45′, plus several one-offs including Moana60′, the first Open60′ designed and built in Italy, with which I began my solo sailing career. All of the built specimens are afloat and in perfect health, many still dispersed in the 4 oceans of the globe, and some with more than one round the world under their keel.
Classic Moanas are appreciated everywhere and known as very marine, balanced, reliable and livable boats, even when sailing in huge waves and very strong winds. I remember with my Moana33′, the first “Huck Finn,” sailing against 75 knots of wind (force 11) more than once, managing to get about fifty miles a day, out of 120 traveled, away from the leeward coast against 8-meter breaking waves. Sturdy but fast boats in all conditions with ranges in the trade winds, from 180 up to 240 miles a day, always under spi with the legendary windvane rudder “Mustafà” , the perennial 2 lines at the stern, playing guitar and joking with friends while the smell of seafood delicacies came out of the tambourine. Series Moanas have participated in several Ostar and Twostar events, the best performance being that of Franco Manzoli who finished third in his class aboard a Moana 27′. But the legends and anecdotes are uncountable.
Moana Shipyard resumes tradition proposing the same vision of offshore boat built to perfection but with an enriched experience of another 200,000 miles traveled and design in the last 20 years and with new and modern hulls even better than those I designed for the 27′, the 33′ and the first of all the Moana 45,’ designed together with Enrico Caccia under the watchful eye of my father Franco, who while Enrico and I were at sea designed the 39′,
Moana Shipyard is an artisan shipyard that continues the tradition with which it was born. It is really the hands of Vittorio Malingri himself, and those of his lifelong Team, who have designed, built, and sailed through so many adventures, that continue to make everything you can’t see, without industrial tricks and quality materials, workmanlike as well. This approach is crucial for practical and safe use at sea, roadstead, comfort while sailing, and speed . Overall quality, is achieved by design and construction engineering, which make use of extraordinary “in house” know-how, in navigation and boatbuilding. An experience that derives from more than a million miles sailed by the Malingri in more than 55 years of sailing and from the construction of more than 130 boats,of series and various one offs.”
Moana Blu Water Yachts offers three models ready for immediate construction, all designed by VMVYD, the design studio of Vittorio Malingri and Marco Veglia, now also a partner in Moana Shipyard, and all built in two versions: Open Cruiser for offshore sailing and big sea voyages, Race to successfully participate in x 2, long Mediterranean and oceanic crewed and solo sailing: 26′ Minimo770, 30′ MiniMo900 and Moana35′. Currently on VMVYD’s drawing board for Moana Blue Water Yachts: Moana40′ also in two versions, two High Performance Cruising Catamarans of 53′ and 66′, and brand new two Long Range Cruisers with motors of 40′ and 50′ capable, like their sailing sisters, of all-weather sailing and ocean crossings in both directions.”

Vittorio Malingri and Marco Veglia


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