7 analog accessories for a more practical and fun boating vacation

Sun Odyssey 490 - Cockpit view

Cruising on a boat is for many people the best vacation they could wish for. The freedom of being able to move wherever you want and the ability to explore unreachable beaches and coves fascinate more and more people. In recent years, also aided by the pandemic, a great many people have approached boating for the first time and discovered the pleasure of boating vacations. All it takes to make a boat cruise truly unique and even more comfortable and fun is a few but very useful accessories. For example, a multi-purpose tool such as Leatherman’s Charge+, perfect for loosening and tightening bolts and generally performing most maintenance on board, cannot be missed on board. Relaxation is a real must on a cruise, after all, what would a vacation be without it. With a king-size mattress and a canopy shade you are set. And if you have a very small or dated boat, perhaps without a refrigerator, you need have no fear: a quality ice chest will keep the ice intact for a long time, quietly covering days away from ports and marinas.

7 analog accessories to have on your boat

Analog Accessories – Multifunction Charge +

Leatherman - Multifunction Charge +
Leatherman – Multifunction Charge +

From cable cutters to wire strippers, not forgetting screwdrivers, scissors, bottle openers and can openers. Leatherman’s Charge+ gives you 19 very useful tools in 1 all-purpose tool. Essential to have it on board.

Analog Accessories – Relaxation Mattress

DFN - Relaxation Mattress
DFN – Relaxation Mattress

This double crib distributed by DFN has no air inside, so it is not subject to deflation or possible puncture. Designed for outdoor furniture, it is perfect for a luxurious and relaxing boat bath.

Analog Accessories – Waterproof Notebook

Rite in the rain- Waterproof notebook with side spiral
Rite in the rain- Waterproof notebook with side spiral

The special paper from which the pages of this notebook are made repels water without absorbing it. It is available in many different colors and sizes. Should it fall into the sea, there is no need to fear!

Analog Accessories – Antimeduse Gel

Respingo - Jellyfish
Respingo – Jellyfish

Slathering Respingo gel all over your body creates a barrier that protects you from contact with jellyfish and other stingers in the sea. It is used like a cream, and can avoid nasty surprises on vacation.

Analog Accessories – Icebox

Yeti - Glacier 35 Tundra
Yeti – Glacier 35 Tundra

If you do not have a refrigerator, an ice chest on board is essential. Ice in here keeps everything you need cool for a long time. Cushion and non-slip feet also make it a perfect additional seat.

Analog Accessories – Inflatable Drift

Tiwal 3R - Inflatable Drift
Tiwal 3R – Inflatable Drift

The structure of this dinghy swells around the aluminum exoskeleton, while the carbon mast supports a 7.2 or 6.2 m2 sail. The Tiwal 3R can hold up to 200 kg and reaches 14 knots of speed.

Analog accessories – Inflatable awning

Decktent - Inflatable awning
Decktent – Inflatable awning

The Decktent inflatable awning is available in three different sizes and fits any type of boat. It attaches to pulpits or candlesticks and shades the bow, providing some refreshment even in the hot sun.



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