300,000 reasons to experience the passion for SAILING together

Healthy competition is the salt of the free market in the society in which we live. The second cornerstone of acting in a proper regime is to provide useful and truthful information, so as to equip those who wish to promote products and activities to potential customers with effective tools. This is what an independent publisher like us lives on.

The revenues needed to produce the information each day(between sites/newsletters/magazine about 200 articles per month) come from sales of the magazine on newsstands/subscription/digital platforms and from advertising investors who choose the media that allow them to reach their customers.
Then we feel it is only fair, to also provide you who read us with the updated numbers of our audience, who are none other than you, dear readers. First of all to thank you, because those of you who follow us through the many forms of communication that modern publishing allows-magazine/site/social/email-you have reached the number, stratospheric for us, of 296,000 unique readers/users, that is, people who in one month follow us, the 12% more compared with last year. And continue to grow.

The Journal of Sailing, in its print and digital versions, can count on 130,000 readers per month, to which we add 111,000 unique visitors per month to our website. The Vela galaxy, in all its social facets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and YouTube) gathers more than 55,000 followers.

If there were a sailboat that could hold all 300,000 of you we would invite you aboard, but not even the world’s largest soccer stadium, Brazil’s Maracana, could hold you; it would take more than three. So, for now we are content to invite you to Santa Margherita Ligure, where from May 5 to 8, the Journal of Sailing celebrates you by organizing the TAG Heuer VELAFestival.
We look forward to seeing you. There, perhaps, you all fit. We have a whole town and a harbor to meet and experience our common passion, sailing and the sea.



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