-1 to the VELA Cup Mariperman Trophy! There is still time to sign up!

sailing-cup-24 hours to Sept. 24. A play on words to remind you that tomorrow you absolutely cannot miss the TAG Heuer VELA Cup Mariperman Trophy event at Le Grazie in La Spezia, the sail open to all boats, even those without a tonnage certificate. We are so ready, are you?

There is only one day left, but you still have time to register either online by following this link or directly at the sailing village already set up in Le Grazie. We have thought of everything, including your berth, and if you have not already done so, we recommend that you book your berth at Marina del Fezzano, which has decided to offer attractive discounts for the occasion. If you need more information, including on other harbor mooring opportunities that the Gulf of the Poets offers, you can find them all at this link. If you prefer to stay in the center of the event, you can still give in the sheltered Le Grazie roadstead, and take advantage of the free shuttle service we have organized for you from 6 to 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. on Saturday night.

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Saturday is the big day of the sailing race with departure around 1:30 p.m. in front of Portovenere. The spectacular sailing route includes. the departure right in front of the bay of Portovenere First buoy at the Tower School, passage between Palmaria and Tino which will act as a buoy before reaching number 4 in the middle of the gulf to then return and cross the finish line still in front of Portovenere from where the start was given. This is the route that will be given, weather conditions permitting, and which also includes a variant with an internal passage to the Tino.


There are already nearly forty boats registered for the TAG Heuer VELA Cup Mariperman Trophy, and you can see them allposted on our online bulletin board found at this link.

Among the entrants are boats of truly every type, from the winning Baciottinho (a Dufour 34 Performance) to Beniamina VIII, a beautiful Grand Soleil 48, from the small Meteor Sesta Galla to the fierce Rodman 42 Cheyenne, fresh winner in its category of the VELA Cup Summer in Porto Rafael. From the mythical Sweden 36 Fotitieng to the historic Jadera dragon.

ORION-1In short, there will be boats for all tastes, not forgetting that on the same race course as the VELA Cup there will also be the Vele d’Epoca with a Mediterranean queen such as Orion, the 50-meter auric schooner from 1910, a unique jewel.
And then in the nearby race course there will be the spectacular Latin sails, which will give you a leap back in time by taking you back to the 9th century, when from the Arab world their spread to Mediterranneo began.

TAG Heuer Velafestival

Would you like to participate in the VELA Cup on Saturday, September 24 in Le Grazie (La Spezia), have the boat, but lack the crew? Your problem is down solved. In our
online bulletin board of Search/Offer
board there are more than thirty people who are looking for a boat to participate in the sail, some with more and some with less sailing experience.

We decided to create a network among you enthusiasts to give you a chance to find boarding if you are not a boat owner to participate in the VELACup on Saturday, September 24 or If you own a boat but are missing people to complete your racing crew or if you more simply feel like sharing your boat with other enthusiasts, for the pleasure of meeting new people, you can easily search for someone to complete your crew by following this link.

By filling out the form found on this page
, with your details, characteristics and experience as a sailor/mariner, your ad and email will be published and you will be able to choose or be chosen to participate in the great end-of-summer Sailing Festival.

The success of our initiative is evidenced by the numbers on our online bulletin board where you have already signed up by the dozens to make yourself available to a boat owner looking for crew or to make your boat available to someone who wants to experiencea weekend in the midst of a sea of enthusiasts!


All boats from 7 meters and up can participate even without a tonnage certificate. One participates with gennaker or spinnaker in the racing category, with white sails in the cruising category. Each category is then divided into classes according to the overall length of the boat. Instead, boats with ORC rating certificates; J24, 5.50 and Meteo monotypes; vintage boats according to AIVE regulations; and lateen sails may participate in the Mariperman Trophy. For more information www.velacup.it, www.trofeomariperman.it.
WHERE AND WHEN. September 23 to 25 in Le Grazie (La Spezia).
PATH. The VELA Cup course is a beautiful sail in the Gulf, passing between Lerici, Tino Island and Portovenere with the finish line right in front of Le Grazie. Instead, the Mariperman Trophy race course may be coastal or stick course.
AWARDS FOR ALMOST EVERYONE. There are prizes for almost everyone. In fact, prizes will be awarded to the top three finishers in each class and category, as well as many special prizes.
ENROLLMENT. Registrations can be finalized online from www.velacup.it orwww.trofeomariperman.it. VELA Cup prices: 70 euros for boats up to 1o meters; 11o for boats up to 15 meters; 150 for boats over 15 meters. Mariperman Trophy Prices:www.trofeomariperman.it.
PARTY AND AWARD CEREMONY. At one of the Gulf’s most envied marinas, Le Grazie, on Saturday night there will be the big party for all regatta participants and more: you can eat on the beach, listen to music, and then get wild with the big party with breathtaking views of the Gulf.

For more information www.velacup.it or www.trofeomariperman.it


Friday, September 23
h 9/00 Boat mooring
h 9/16 Science workshops
h 9/18 Visits Roman Villa
h 5:30 p.m. Inauguration Sailing Village Visit Exhibition Memory Shipyard and Olivetan Hall
h 20/00 Welcome Dinner
h 21/30 Performance

Saturday, September 24
h 9/13 Science workshops
h 9/18 Visits Roman Villa
h 9/11 Classic Car Show
h 10:00 Regatta briefing
h 12:00 Departure Regatta
h 17:30 Safety drill at sea
h 18:00 Classic Car Show
h 19:00 Vela Cup Awards Ceremony
h 20:00 Boatswain’s Dinner
h 21:30 Show/Disco

Sunday, September 25
h 9/17 Visits Roman Villa
h 10 Regatta Briefing
h 9/11 Classic Car Show
h 12:00 Rally Vespa Club
h 12:00 Regatta Start h 18:30 Awards Ceremonies





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