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meteomed-navigationMeteomed, the first multi-platform personalized weather service that offers the ability to receive forecasts for specific areas of the Mediterranean, comes with a completely revamped look and an even broader range of services. Whether in its “free” version (which grants you access to 25 Mediterranean macro-sectors, zoomed in up to 50 miles, which can be consulted from PCs, tablets and smartphones via the dedicated free app) or in its “premium” paid version (divided into different formulas tailored to your needs), Meteomed proves to be a useful ally in avoiding gales.

Let’s take an example: I put myself in the shoes of the shipowner who is planning to go on a two-week cruise to Greece. Evaluating subscription options at meteomed.co.uk, I have decided that the “phone&sms” formula is the one for me: by spending 40 euros, I will have the possibility to listen for two weeks from my cell phone, as many times as I want, to the bulletin updated three times a day with the synthetic forecast up to 10 days for the Mediterranean microsector of my interest. The “premium” version subdivides the Nostrum Sea into 152 micro-areas, of different widths depending on the conformation of the coastline and the stretch of sea. In addition, I will have weather and coastal forecasts (up to 5 miles offshore) for 2,029 ports, each of which has its own tab. I will be able to opt to receive the same data via text message, as well as sea, wind, and storm alerts for the micro-sector I select. I will get two nice hassles out of the way: meanwhile, I will get the forecast in Italian, even abroad. Then I will have almost no additional telephone charges, except for that of a normal local call abroad. On the other hand, if I sailed all year round, or kept the boat abroad, I would take out the 160 euro annual subscription.

If I were not satisfied with the text forecast, but wanted to view the cartography and access additional services, I would opt for the “app&mobile” formula (ranging from 60 euros for two weeks to 280 annually), the newest of those offered by Meteomed. Through the new dedicated HD apps, I will have access to all meteorological data for the relevant microsector (with zooming up to 2 miles) and beyond. For example, by using the tablet, I will be able to take advantage of the so-called “meteorottas”: this is a unique feature that allows me to plot and save a route on the map and view the forecast along it, to better plan my navigation. www.meteomed.it



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