What a challenge! Around the world on a standard six-meter


As the super-technological behemoths of the Volvo Ocean Race have set off, a Polish sailor is about to circle the globe in a Maxus 22, a production boat smaller than even a Mini

Over 3700 people have climbed Everest, but only 270 sailors have sailed solo around the world. Even today, therefore, a great feat. But an enterprise for which it is not true that a lot of money is needed. it was from this idea that the Maxus 22 Solo Around the World 2014-2016 challenge was born.


Szymon Kuczynski, creator of the challenge
Szymon Kuczynski, creator of the challenge

The Maxus 22 is a small production hull of only 6.36 meters overall, produced by the Polish shipyard Northman, which made an Altura version, adapting it but making no structural changes. Originally designed with a separate bathroom and capable of accommodating four people, this ocean version instead provides a maximum of two crew members, and equipment and rigging have been adapted for solo sailing. The main differences? The cockpit is now enclosed and the hatch made completely watertight, the installation of an additional stay for the tormentor and increased rigging, and the presence of a safety exit on the transom.

Maxus 22 AlturaEmbarking on the round-the-world trip will be Poland’s Szymon Kuczynski (who is also the creator of the project, for which he oversaw both the technical and financial organization), departing Nov. 10 from the Canary Islands to cross the Atlantic, then Panama and arriving in the Pacific. Polynesia, Australia, South Africa and then up to return at the end of July 2016 still in the Canary Islands. A curiosity. Performing the test sailing was not Szymon, but two young female sailors, Dobrochna Nowak and Katarzyna Salaban, ages 24 and 25 respectively, who sailed more than 3,400 nautical miles on the open sea aboard the Maxus 22, starting in Poland, touching Denmark, Norway and the Shetland Islands and then reaching Iceland.
For more info www.maxus22.it



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