Viareggio Historic Sails Rally, making it ten this year!

sails-historical-viareggioThe Viareggio Historic Sails Gathering crosses the ten-year mark this year: there is no better opportunity to go and get a close-up look at the boats that have made sailing history over the past century (and climb aboard some of them, why not?). Organized by the Vele Storiche Viareggio Association, based at the Club Nautico Versilia, the event will be staged Oct. 9-12.

Ojalà II is a One Tonner designed in 1972 by Sparkman & Stephens and built in 1973 in aluminum, in Holland, by Royal Huisman Shipyard
Ojalà II is a One Tonner designed in 1972 by Sparkman & Stephens and built in 1973 in aluminum, in Holland, by Royal Huisman Shipyard

About 35 boats are expected to participate in the event: to name a few “ladies of the sea,” Alzavola, Margaret, Oenone, Manta, Estella, Ilda, and Capitan Lipari will be among the vintage boats while Ardi, Chin Blu, Ojalà, Ella, Stella Polare, Corsaro II, and Artica II will be among the classic boats.

Since its first edition, the Viareggio Gathering has successfully launched the “Welcome aboard” initiative, animated with willingness and participation by owners and crews who welcome aboard their boats enthusiasts who wish to learn more about the secrets of the real stars of the event: vessels of all sizes and sizes with many stories to tell.

The races will be run in real time, but not only that: Beginning in 2008, for historic boats designed and built on the basis of the IOR tonnage regulations-which were in force from the very early 1970s to 1994-the VSVs have been the first to promote the recovery and reactualization of the old tonnage certificates in order to enable this important generation of racers to race again on compensated time, according to the rules around which they were designed and created.

Founded on October 8, 2005 in Viareggio, the Viareggio Historical Sails Association. brings together shipowners, sailors and enthusiasts and essentially pursues the following purposes: the organization and participation in initiatives and events that promote the preservation and recovery of racing, pleasure and work boats of historical value; the preservation and dissemination of the heritage and traditions of sailing and vintage and classic yachting, including through the creation of paper and computer archives of art, architecture and maritime culture. Along these lines, the Association is also dedicated to all those activities directed to the promotion of publications in the field of design, construction, preservation and navigation of vintage and classic boats. Among the members, in addition to numerous enthusiasts and sailors, the Association includes 53 owners of historic boats.



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