Ucina. Tacoli announces, “About one million euros will arrive for exports. And we want to be there at the Expo in Milan.”


These are hot days for boating. After statements by the Deputy Minister of Economic Development. Charles Calenda which denied funding of five million euros for the Genoa Boat Show, responding during a press conference held this morning in Milan is the Ucina president pro tem Lamberto Tacoli (President of CRN): “I take note without controversy of Deputy Minister Calenda’s decision. Indeed, I turn these words into a stimulus to regain unity within Ucina. Admittedly, the timing is not easy: on the one hand the Perotti’s resignation (who resigned last January 15 just eight months after his appointment) And on the other, Calenda’s decision. But today more than ever we must all row on the same side. Large and small-scale boating, seeking to overcome the divisions that have so far been so damaging to the industry. Starting with the project we will propose on February 1 for a event dedicated to boating within the Milan Expo (the latter includes a series of initiatives starring boating, lasting about two months, including an exhibition, that will take place in Milan starting next May) and welcoming the million that will be allocated as an export facility: a fund that will go to facilitate the transportation of vessels abroad for seven events starting in Dubai International Boat Show 2015.”

Start again from these two points in order to look ahead, aware of the fact that 75 percent of Ucina’s members do not attend either Cannes or Monte Carlo and that for this reason the Genoa Boat Show in October remains a fixed appointment for the Italian boating industry, during which, Tacoli declares, “the difficulties and needs of the ‘small boat industry’ will certainly be taken into account.” In addition, the dedicated export funding stems from the fact that Italian shipbuilding is still confirmed as the export leader, making it a solid reference point. Perhaps that the Italian boating industry needs to look outside in order to be able to be reborn inside as well? Tacoli continues,“It had been my idea to have a Boat Show in May as well, with the intention of getting ahead of the others in the presentation of previews and giving Genoa more prominence (with Cannes and Monte Carlo in the fall we come third), shifting the event temporally also to take advantage of the more favorable season. I don’t mind the idea of having two salons, one for big boating and one for small boating. Also I believe that Genoa is not the only place to have a salon. Of course it is the only one in Italy that has certain characteristics but our country is full of other beautiful places like Santa Margherita, a stone’s throw from Genoa, if we are talking about boats under a certain square footage. After all, boating itself has split, almost instinctively into two, above and below 24 meters. But there can also be two quite distinct intents, one more commercial and one more institutional. Therefore, among the important things in my opinion is to catch up for the next show with all the big Italian absentees from the last edition. Then the foreign shipyards I am sure will come wheeling back. The important thing is to act united, to act as a team, which we Italians struggle to do.”


What about the election of the new president? “I think in two or three months we will have the new name. In the meantime, I am happy to have been able to involve the representative of a sailboat yard such as Fabio Planamente of Cantiere del Pardo on the Ucina board. A historic and prestigious piece of Italian boating. Will they run for office? I will evaluate carefully.” We, too, are convinced that now more than ever sailing must make its voice heard and that the “Planamente” case should not remain an isolated incident.



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