The story of Nauta Yachts, masters of Italian design

IMG_3109If you look out the windows of their studio, in a large apartment in downtown Milan, the view is of the Arco della Pace, coincidentally one of the city’s most talked-about urbanist interventions that best represents design Italy. Within walking distance are important studios, such as the one where Achille Castiglioni accumulated objects for his work until he became one of the masters of design. We are talking about Nauta Yachts, one of the certainties of this nautical “made in Italy” that places us in the high rungs of world consideration. You will read in the following interview how their success is the result of great passion and a deliberate but also somewhat random and adventurous beginning. One of those stories that resembles building and inventing computers in a garage, where the engine of success is one’s great passion. The firm’s spokesperson is Mario Pedol, of the trio who founded in ’85 the firm that began as a construction site remains with him Massimo Gino. In the firm some 15 engineers, architects, yacht designers. Nauta’s signature is now on dozens of boats, from the world’s largest, the 180-meter-long megayacht Azzam, to the smaller and in some ways more difficult boats in the Beneteau production.
Find the full article in the September issue of The Journal of Sailing



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