The sailing school? I do it aboard new, fast and fun boats

sail-laser-homeLearn to boat or improve your skills aboard fun and always “up-to-date” boats at competitive costs. You can do this by signing up for Sail Laser Italy, a sailing school that is the brainchild of the Laser Performance shipyard and managed by Negri Nautica, which has represented the Anglo-American giant in Italy for more than 40 years.

seat-sail-laser-italiaIDEAL LOCATION

What better location than Lake Garda for a sailing school? Univela in Campione del Garda (BS), the headquarters of Sail Laser Italia, is an internationally recognized sailing center chosen by the Italian Sailing Federation as an Olympic training center.


Sailing courses are open to everyone: from children (Junior, ages 8 to 15, which includes “initiation,” “sailing camp” and “advanced” formulas) to adults (again with “initiation” and “advanced” division), families, schools and companies. These are “English-style” courses, which follow the teaching standards set forth by the RYA (Royal Yachting Association).

demo-sail-laserTHE BOATS.
Regarding the types of drifts used, range from the timeless Laser (Standard, Radial and 4.7) to the Sunfish, via Bug, Pico, Vago, Bahia and Dart 16: The boat fleet is renewed every year, with models supplied by Sail Laser to selected centers all over the world.

If you want to have fun pulling edges but are not ready for the initial expense of buying a boat, Sail Laser Italia offers the “Just Sail” formula: you spend 200 euros for registration, and then monthly rates ranging from 60 to 150 euros (depending on the type of client: from juniors to families) that will allow you to use the entire Sail Laser fleet. All you have to do is make a reservation, and the school’s instructors will be near the selected boat to show you how to rig it properly. To subscribe to JustSail, all that is required is to have completed one of the school’s initiation courses or equivalent at a recognized facility: for those who do not have a history of their own courses, a short cognitive outing with one of the instructors is provided. Only boats from the current or previous year will be used.


Are you considering the purchase of a Laser? With the Demo program, you can test directly on the water the entire line of Laser boats (Laser, Pico, Bug, Sunfish, Vago and Bahia) followed by an instructor: the first hour trial is free, for longer trials there is an hourly fee.


At Sail Laser Italia it is also possible to rent boats by the hour or by the day: for example, a Laser costs 95 euros per day. On the school’s website there is also a calendar of regattas in which charter service is provided, with the boat delivered directly to the club organizing the event (price: 110 euros per day).



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