The right propeller for your boat? Find her at VELAFestival

Looking for the right propeller for your sailboat?
All you have to do is take a step at TAG Heuer VELAFestival: exhibitors include Bruntons Propellers, a historic company specializing in propulsion systems.

The group to which Bruntons Propellers belongs has been making propellers for more than 170 years. This long experience, combined with advanced research and design systems and manufacturing facilities in various parts of the world, results in the ability to provide total propulsion systems for virtually any type of vessel. Prominent among the propellers produced by the company are the Varifold models (which are installed as standard propellers by many shipyards, such as Baltic, Swan, Wally, Southern Wind, Moody, and Oyster) and Autoprop.

Used by long-range sailors and even those pushing themselves to extreme destinations (such as the 67-foot Xplore, which has arrived in Antarctica), Bruntons’ Autoprop propellers constantly adjust pitch automatically, taking into account any additional thrust exerted by the sails, thus maximizing performance and reducing fuel consumption. With the three blades in the flag position, these propellers can reduce drag by up to 85 percent, affecting very little during sailing. The shape of the blades is identical in forward and reverse gear: the propeller will exert the same power in the different directions.



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