The Perfect Solution in the Med – The network for experiencing the Tyrrhenian Sea to the fullest

The Perfect Solution in the MedGuiding the yachtsman not only through a network of ports that can ensure five-star services, but also in the discovery of the surrounding area. this is the idea that led Giuseppe Pappalardo, managing director of Società Sviluppo Porti, which manages the Marina Genova Aeroporto, to create “The Perfect Solution in the Med,” which sees the spontaneous coming together of private marinas that have found themselves around the concept of rendering customers a unique service.
We offer boaters excellent services within the marina and also a desk and escort service that offers guidance on the potential̀ of the area in terms of points of interest, shopping and dining. And this is our winning weapon” explains Pappalardo himself.
In addition to Marina Genova Aeroporto, the ports of Aquatica (Alghero), Porto Azzurro (Elba Island), Cavallo (Cavallo Island, Corsica), Marina Coppola (Amalfi), Lipari Service (Lipari), Santa Maria Maggiore (Milazzo, Sicily), and Yacht Hotel at Capo Taormina are also part of this network (but further developments are planned). Basically, a network that allows you to plan a perfect itinerary along the entire Tyrrhenian Sea.



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