The GdV on social media? We give the full numbers–and raise: what is the most viewed site?

The Sailing & Travel Magazine website directed by our friend and good colleague Niccolò Pagani publishes an interesting article, with attached rankings, where he analyzes the impact of nautical publications on major social networks.

Pagani does a nice job starting with objective data, counted followers on major social networks, added them up and derived a ranking, updated as of March 17.

The Sailing Newspaper placed well, coming in second with 16,408 total followers, just over a hundred users behind the first-place finisher. Then all the others are far behind: the third, Sailing & Travel Magazine of “friends” has 8,233, less than half. To others only pocket change.

Image 4
The “social” ranking compiled by Sailing& Travel.

But, we benevolently dispute the ranking, from our data we are first. And by several lengths. Pagani, in fact, counts on Facebook, the main of the social networks analyzed, only the followers of the so-called corporate page. The Sailing Newspaper, however, also has an absolutely active profile and group on Facebook, on which it has been operating since before Facebook opened its corporate pages, thanks to which, the total followers become 14,073. Then, doing the math right again, The Sailing Newspaper would be first by several lengths. Here are the updated rankings.

  1. Sailing Newspaper – Total social media followers: 17,639
  2. Sailing Only – Total social network followers: 16,596
  3. Sailing & Travel – Total social network followers: 8,233

In the end, then, the heart of all the work we do on social media remains our site. And allor: what is the most visited website of nautical newspapers? We throw down the gauntlet by providing our data (taken from Google Analytics) for the past 30 days. Here they are:

Unique users: 71,181
Visits: 114,249
Page views: 266,776

Image 3
The Google Analytics data analysis screen

We would like our friend Pagani to take the trouble to collect data from the other sites he analyzes in his social media impact ranking. And would then publish a nice ranking of the audience of boating sites. We have given them up-to-date and truthful data. And we achieved them thanks to all of you!




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