The door to new worlds to explore? It’s called cargo

Midship 2
Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia. New Zealand, Southeast Asia.
Fascinating places that you have probably always dreamed of visiting by boat. So why not? Look at this image: it looks like a jumble of boats that have collided in the middle of the sea. But closer examination reveals that they are actually boarded on a freighter transporting them from Europe to the South Pacific.

Indeed, it is booming with European (and American) boat owners deciding to move their boats to the Pacific and then explore the seas on the other side of the planet, leaving the boat to be stationed in a different place from time to time. The initial cost of the freighter will come back over the years when you only have to worry about flights and infinitely cheaper mooring fees than in the Mediterranean (as opposed to renting the boat locally)-isn’t that a good idea?



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