The blue sticker is back: is the era of wild checks finally over?

“We have renewed the blue sticker from June 1 to Sept. 30 for this year as well,” announced Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Maurizio Lupi emphatically, who was in Santa Margherita this weekend at the UCINA (the Italian Boating Industry Confederation) convention.



What is it all about? For those who may not remember, as early as last year, police forces operating at sea issued shipowners, after on-board boat inspections, a blue sticker to be affixed to the boat, so as to avoid the multiple inspections (perhaps while you were quietly at anchorage) that had plagued previous summers. The big news this year concerns the fact that boats will also be able to be checked in port and no longer only at sea, so as to check the regularity of the ship’s documentation, safety equipment and payment of the ownership tax. While it is true that officially it is not possible to request control from the authorities, we encourage you to do so in advance to enjoy a carefree summer. Also because, Minister Lupi insisted, they should not be audits of people or looking for possible evaders.

Will it work? Will “wild” checks really disappear? It is the minister himself who confirmed this, based on agreements formalized between the General Command of the Harbor Master Corps, the Guardia di Finanza, the Carabinieri Corps and the Ministry of the Interior. At sea, once the blue sticker is affixed to the boat (remember, choose a highly visible spot!), you can therefore generally only be stopped if you commit infractions or, of course, to avoid accidents and dangerous situations.




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