Teddy Ndaro made it: he will be in Santander at the Laser World Championships!

teddy-polandSantander, Northern Spain, province of Cantabria: this is where in exactly one week’s time (September 12) the first regattas of the Olympic Classes World Championships will kick off. This is a crucial event for the season, and in view of the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Games, since these World Championships will also be valid as a qualification for 50 percent of the nation places of the Olympics themselves: an appointment not to be missed, therefore, for all the national teams that will be present in Spain with their best representatives.

Best of luck to our team led by the Technical Director of the Italian Sailing Federation Michele Marchesini, and to the athlete for whom it is impossible not to cheer (and to whom we dedicated the opening regatta of the september issue on newsstands, which you see in the picture on the side here): we are talking about Teddy Ndaro, the Kenyan laserist who dreams of a place at the Rio Games, whose vicissitudes we told you about in this article.

A few days ago, Teddy contacted us on Facebook to announce that his first goal had been achieved: the 28-year-old, who works as a tour guide, finally found the funds to take part in the Santander event, thanks to his sailing friends and word of mouth on Facebook. “Hey guys, how are you? I found the money for the plane tickets to Santander, I’m really excited! My American friends also took up a collection and bought me a sail, which I will pick up during my stopover in Amsterdam! And thank you for the publicity you gave me, it really helped.” Now Ndaro will have to bring all his talents to bear if he wants to fulfill his dream of being the first Kenyan sailor to take part in the Olympics (in 1964 a Finn participated under Kenyan colors, but he was a British settler). Good wind, Teddy! And if you want to personally wish him well ahead of the championship, THIS is his Facebook page.



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