Tangoned bow. Let’s review the right maneuver to navigate safely

IMG_3670eAt sea you see all kinds of them. For example, more and more often we are encountering boats with the jib tangonized in a truly bizarre way: with the tangon sail hooked directly to the genoa clew. A decidedly dangerous operation, because the tangon is at the total mercy of the sail and the wind. Sailing with a tangonized jib can prove to be the ideal solution for long stern sides in sustained winds and with a small crew, without the need to hoist the spinnaker or gennaker.
The preparation of the tangon should be done safely: there is a need to provide an adjustable high charge fixed on the tangon area; a fixed sheet that from the tangon area passes into an opening block positioned aft to send the sheet back into the cockpit to a downwind winch; a boom always fixed to the tangon area and sent back into the cockpit to an upwind winch; as well as the genoa sheets should be free to work on the tangon.
P1030178 rezThe spinnaker should then be fastened to the mast at the same height as the genoa clew and perpendicular to the mast and parallel to the horizon: once the spinnaker is correctly positioned, fasten the boom and sheet, leaving the genoa sheets free . To make it even easier to maneuver you can arm a rail on the shaft to slide the tangon and stow it easily when not in use, remember: if you slide the tangon to the shaft down you will have to caulk the high charge .
P1030050 rezThis solution will allow you to control everything comfortably from the cockpit, from where you can furl the genoa if necessary, without retracting the spinnaker, but controlling everything with the top windage, boom and sheet. A big plus if conditions worsen: you’ll be able to haul it all down without touching the tangon.



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