TAG Heuer VELAFestival, the countdown has started!


It’s countdown to the TAG Heuer VELAFestival! Less than 30 days until the start of the great Italian sailing festival, staged April 10-13 in Genoa.

Thirty days, for example, will serve to further enhance the already rich calendar of scheduled events. Like the Day of Champions on Friday the 11th, which will allow you to meet Italy’s greatest sailors, who are also the protagonists of the grand awards ceremony of the
2014 Sailor of the Year.
, which will be announced on the very evening of Friday in a big event. Or you can learn about the amazing story of “
Malingri Dynasty
“, or when sailing is in the DNA of a family capable of traveling hundreds of thousands of miles across oceans, involving three generations.

PrintBut the passion for sailing is sublimated most of all by sailing. That’s why Saturday, April 12, will be the day of the TAG Heuer CUP, the first edition of the competitive sailing event that will see you on the route from between Boccadasse and Sori, retracing the historic trails of Ligurian vintage boats from the second half of the 19th century. Do you want to participate and don’t have a boat? Don’t worry, as is the case in the great Caribbean regattas, we will help you find boarding. Click here and find out how! And in the evening, you are all invited to the awards ceremony and our (and your) VELAFestival Night, the big party on the waterfront with live music.

Ship Italy
The 60-meter brig Nave Italia

Framing these events can only be the boats. From the latest shipyards to Cult boats, those able to excite with their history and adventures. Like America, the perfect replica of that schooner that won the Hundred Guineas Cup back in 1851, ridiculing the British fleet and naming the world’s most coveted and oldest sailing trophy. O Nave Italia, the 60-meter-plus brig on board which the Tender to Nave Italia Foundation promotes the culture of the sea and sailing as tools for education, training, rehabilitation, social inclusion and therapy. Beneficiaries are nonprofit associations, NGOs, schools, hospitals, social services, and public or private companies that promote inclusive actions toward their clients and their families. And the number of boats on the dock is getting longer every day.
Pogo 50
, Swan 75s,
Wianno Senior
, just to name a few.

And the great feast of Italian sailing is being enriched every day with new developments. We will update you daily on our websites www.velafestival.com and giornaledellavela.com





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